Grand Duchy of Bench-Fraction

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Grand Duchy of Bench-Fraction
(Azerbaijani) "Böyük Dəzgah-Fraksiyası Hersoqu"
Founded 23 September 2010
Area 1 m²
Citizens Uninhabited
Official language(s) Azerbaijani, English
Jurisdiction Ancient Willow Krai
Grand Duke TRH Sovetus I

The Grand Duchy of Bench-Fraction is a Grand Duchy within Ancient Willow Krai, in the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun.


The area on which Bench-Fraction stands is about 5/6ths of The Bench, previously claimed by the Unnamed Empire. On the 20th of July, 2010, Gishabrun declared war on the Unnamed Empire, and eventually captured The Bench from Unnamed grasp. On the 23rd of September, 2010, HIM Tsar Kuri I granted The Right Honorable, Ambassador Sovetus I this peerage for his hard work in Gishabrun.


The Grand Duchy of Bench-Fraction takes up approximately 1 square metres of space, containing five sixths of The Bench. It borders Ancient Willow Krai on all sides. It has the same climate as the rest of Ancient Willow Krai. Probably the only interesting thing in this principality is The Bench, the previously disputed strip of land that became the site of the Bench War.


The flag of the Grand Duchy of Bench-Fraction is based on the Somewhere Oblast flag. The background is green and the corners have red triangles, which is the design of the Somewhere Oblast flag. There are two Gishabruni compasses on each side of the flag. This symbol is present in many Gishabruni flags. In the middle, in a blue circle, the bench is shown with the words "BENCH" and "FRACTION" above and below it. Under the bench, there should be an "S" and 4 dots, which is 10/12 (5/6) in Roman Numerals (this is because during the Bench War, 5/6ths of the bench was part of the Unnamed Empire). However, there was a mistake and there are only 2 dots with the "S" (2/3 in Roman Numerals).


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