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In the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun, there are political parties that are recognised by the government, which aim to improve the Gishabrunian government according to their ideology and political views, and they do so by being elected into The Council of Gishabrun by Gishabrunian citizens.

Political parties In The Council

If there is an election for a Council position, those running for that position must identify themselves with a political party (to better understand their goals) and once a person representing a party becomes a part of The Council, that party is automatically in power. Only residents of the oblast holding the elections may vote in such an election (since Oblastian Ambassadors are members of The Oblastian Assembly, Oblastian Assembly elections are also Oblastian elections). However, since those running for Ambassador are people, not parties, more than one person from any given party may run for that office at the same election. There is a similar process for the Chamber of Comrades and the Elite Duma.

Current Political parties

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderTRH Sovetus I
FoundedAugust 5, 2010

Communist Party of Gishabrun

This party was the oldest party in Gishabrun, but only 1 member remained. Later, the communal-meritocratic party was dissolved and both of these parties joined together. The communist party has the most power because

  • The Right Honorable Jeremy, Ambassador of The Stig Oblast
  • His Elite Excellency, Sovetus I, Consul of the Oblasts
  • His Elite Excellency, Cyril I, Consul of the Autonomous Regions

Political parties of Gishabrun
FoundedSeptember 23rd, 2010
IdeologyExtreme Libertarianism, "Fun"

Fun Party of Gishabrun

This is one of the least influential political parties in The Council, founded upon the principles of extreme libertarianism and providing fun for all. It is represented only in the Oblastian Assembly.

  • The Right Honorable Randomguy, Ambassador of Stay Out Oblast

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderHIM Tsar Kuri I
FoundedSeptember 30rd, 2010

Gishabrun Meritocratic Party

This is the largest and most influential party in The Council, founded upon the principles of meritocracy. It is represented in the Oblastian Assembly and the Elite Duma.


{{Infobox political party

This is a fairly large political party, founded upon the principles of mixing meritocracy and communism. It is represented in all three houses of the Council.

  • HEE Emperor Cyril I, Emperor of Macragge, Consul of the Autonomous Regions
  • HEE Sovetus I, Ambassador of Somewhere Oblast, Consul of the Oblasts, Grand Duke of Bench-Fraction

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderTRH Orc of Moria
FoundedNovember 17th, 2010
IdeologyJoke Party

Balrog Party of Gishabrun

This is another joke party.

  • TRH Orc of Moria, Ambassador of Sméagol-Gollum-Gollum Oblast

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderMr. Llama
FoundedAugust 5, 2010
IdeologyDemocracy, Libertarianism

Gishabrun Democratic Party

This is the second main party in The Council, founded to develop democracy and liberty in Gishabrun.

  • TRH Mr. Llama, Ambassador of Llama Oblast

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderTRH Potatoman
FoundedDecember 6th, 2010
IdeologyJoke Party
ColoursLight Blue

Smurf Party of Gishabrun

This is another joke party.

  • TRH Potatoman, Ambassador of Potatoman's Room Oblast

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderTRH Billy Bob
FoundedJanuary 14th, 2011

Dictator's Party of Gishabrun

This is among the least influential true parties in Gishabrun, founded to progress despotism.

  • TRH Billy Bob, Ambassador of Soba Oblast

Defunct Parties

Political parties of Gishabrun
LeaderHEE Sovetus I and HEE Emperor Cyril I
FoundedSeptember 30th, 2010
IdeologyA Mix of Meritocracy and Communism

The Anthem of the Communal-Meritocratic Party was "The Internationale - Communal-Meritocracy version".

Communo-Meritocratic Party of Gishabrun

The communal-meritocratic party was dissolved to create the communist party.


Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun

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