Peerage System of Gishabrun

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The Peerage system of Gishabrun is a hierarchy of tiltes created by HIM Kuri I the Tsar of Gishabrun on the 13th of August, 2010, to honor people in a manner similar to that of orders of knighthoods. These titles are all hereditary (except that of Bailif), but the titles give no power whatsoever to the recipient. They are given out for contributions to the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun, any micronation recognised by Gishabrun, or any other non-micronational field. All titles may be included in one's style and title recipients are given the optional privilege to obtain a personal coat of arms. Any peerages with a population may be included in the address of those residents.

Occupancy and laws

The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun has been divided up into two different types of land, titular and non-titular. Titular land is land that could legally be granted to a person recieving a peerage, while non-titular land cannot be given to someone as part of a peerage. Non-Titular land includes all National Parks and Monuments and Somewhere Oblast. When a peerage is to be given out, HIM the Tsar of Gishabrun grants them a piece of named titular land, possibly a coat of arms and, depending on the significance of their contribution, an appropriate title, for instance: "The Graf of Example". This title and arms get passed down through the eldest child until the title-bearer either "abdicates" or dies without any successor. In such a case, HIM the Tsar may re-grant the title (and arms) to another person, and the Tsar may change the title (but not the realm-name or coat of arms), depending on whether the next person's contribution is more or less significant, before re-granting it. Once a Bailif or Bailine (which is a life peerage) dies or "abdicates", HIM the Tsar must re-grant the title with the same conditions mentioned above. Those individuals deemed "criminals" by The Council are barred from holding a title, and if a title-bearer becomes a criminal, HIM the Tsar must re-grant his/her title. Title bearers are also entitled to numerals in front of their names. The coat of arms that the title-bearer receives may only have supporters if their rank is Khan or higher.


This is a list of all Gishabrunian titles, in order of importance.

Tile (Male Equivalent) Title (Female Equivalent) Realm
Knyaz Knyagina Knyazhestvo
Prince Princess Principality
Boyarin Boyarina Boyarinate
Grand Duke Grand Duchess Grand Duchy
Khan Khatun Khanate
Duke Duchess Duchy
Graf Grafess Grafy
Baron Baroness Barony
Marquis Marquise Marquisate
Bailif Bailine Bailiwick


This is a list of all Peerages, by date founded.


Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun

Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun • Demographics of The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun

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Peerage System of GishabrunOrder of the CompassOrder of the Willow LeafOrder of the Silver ScimitarPrincipality of Annina KravatBarony of TravinGrand Duchy of Bench-Fraction

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