Order of the Blood

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Order of the Blood
Medal of the Order of the Order.svg
Awarded by the
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Sovereign of Ikonia
TypeChivalric order with two ranks
Awarded forHonourable blood shed in foreign countries for service, At the discretion of the Monarch
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignHM King Cameron I
First induction9 February 2019
Last induction9 February 2019
Total inductees2
Next (higher)Order of the Heart
Next (lower)Order of Vita

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The Order of the Blood is a chivalric order in the Kingdom of Ikonia founded by the King Cameron I on 9 February 2019 to recognize any citizen who has shed blood in services for their foreign country, and support to the King in general.

The order's emblem is a circle star with red bars on the outside, but doesn't include the motto, TVERI•FILII•NOSTRI (Latin: To protect our children).


The Order is considered an honourable and personal gift from the sovereign, where he doesn't require permission from government to appoint members. Membership consists of Royal Defenders, and the Sovereign.


Micronation Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Ikonia His Majesty Cameron I 2 January 2019
Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg Baustralia His Baustralian Majesty John I of Baustralia OB 6 April 2019
 Ikonia His Royal Highness Sir Paul Koehler OB 12 February 2021