Old Papian language

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Old Papian

Spoken inNuminas
Total speakersDead

Old Papian (Vytae Papien; Papian: Viele Papian) is the now-extinct Italic language spoken in mythological site of Numinas. It is descended from the also extinct languages of Faliscan and Latin


The first evidence of the languages lays on written letters and books of the mythological era, reporting the gods. Much is still being studied.


Common Words

  • King: Rey
  • Gods: dées/dyvois
  • Sun: Stella
  • Moon: Lvn
  • Life: Væti
  • Love: Amer
  • Humans: Ominis
  • Truth: Verticia
  • Popular: Porpvler
  • Sex: Sæxvs
  • Rock: Petry
  • Fire: ignes
  • Water: aqve
  • Wind: ventis
  • Wisdom: sabydore
  • Knowledge: concientimenti
  • Desire: desyre
  • Pantheon: panteon
  • Truth: veryte
  • Reason: ration
  • Origin: orige
  • World: mondy
  • War: gveha
  • Money: denary

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