List of current presidents of legislatures

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This is a list of current presiding officers of the legislative assemblies of sovereign states, sui generis entities, and international organisations.

List of current presidents

State Legislature Chambers Title Name Party Assumed office
 Adammia Imperial Parliament Ruling Council Lord Chancellor Adam I Liberal-Moderate 1 September 2013
House of Citizens Speaker 12 October 2020
 Austenasia Parliament House of Representatives Speaker of the House of Representatives Lord Hunter Prater, Duke of Dixie Arete Party 22 September 2021
 Arlandica Parliament President Benz Gian Arellano Independent 29 July 2023
 Bir Tawil Tawilian National Council Chief Councillor Name redacted Progressive Socialist-Capitalism Party 11 March 2022
 Ebenthal Konkrëse House of Aristocrats Lord Speaker Luísa Somme Moderate Party 8 September 2021
House of Councillors Councillor Speaker Raphael Sousa Moderate Party 8 March 2021
 New Athens Parliament Speaker of the People Gary Pu Independent 1 March 2022
 Pacific States Congress Senate President of the Senate Luke Gonyer Independent 21 March 2023
House of Representatives House Speaker Marc Pritchard Independent 21 March 2023
 Revalia Parliament Speaker Kaarel Luikmel Socialist Workers' Party 28 June 2021
 Roscamistan National Assembly Senate President of the Senate Sean Dunkerque United Party 11 May 2022
Chamber of Representatives President of the Chamber Rafe Burfield National Party 21 April 2022
 Snagov Supreme People's Assembly Leader Rareš Ivan Vasile Union of Snagovian Nationalists and Socialists 17 October 2021
 Queensland Parliament House of Lords Lord Speaker Patsy Victoria Independent 15 January 2021
House of Commons Commons Speaker Folke B.H. Gustaf Independent 15 July 2021
 Vishwamitra Parliament Lok Sabha Speaker Tyler Mullins Independent 22 December 2021

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