House of Lords (Queensland)

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The Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the Commonwealth of Queensland in Parliament assembled
Logo of the House of Lords
Lord Speaker
Sir Bernhard Gottfried, 1st Marquess of Hokitika
since 4 March 2023
Senior Deputy Speaker
Dame Mary Wilhelmina, 1st Duchess of Waikato
since 4 March 2023
Leader of the House
Sir Smith Arthur, Baron Arthur of Castletown, National Liberal Party
since 4 March 2023
Shadow Leader of the House
Dame Theresa Olivia Hunnerberg, Baroness Hunnerberg of Queanbeyan, Conservation and Democracy Party
since 4 March 2023
Political groups
  Speaker: 1 setats
Representative of the Monarch
  Representative of the Monarch: 1 seats
Lords Spiritual
  Bishop: 1 seats
HM Government
  QNLP: 1 seat
Other Government
HM Most Loyal Opposition
  CDP: 1 seats
Other opposition
  QGN: 1 seat
  QRC: 1 seats
  QDU: 1 seats
  Independent: 3 seat
Length of term
At His Majesty's pleasure or resignation
Meeting place
House of Lords Room
National Parliament Building
Vesteralen, Edinburgh

The House of Lords, (domestically known as the Lords) is the upper house of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Queensland. Membership is by appointment, heredity or official function. Like the House of Commons, it meets in the National Parliament Building.

Members of the House of Lords are drawn from the peerage, made up of Lords Spiritual and Lords Temporal. The Lords Spiritual are 1 bishop in the established Church of Queensland. Most Lords Temporal are life peers, appointed by the monarch on the advice of the Prime Minister or House of Lords Appointments Commission, but they also include hereditary peers.

The House of Lords scrutinises bills that have been approved by the House of Commons. It regularly reviews and amends Bills from the Commons. While it is unable to prevent Bills passing into law, except in certain limited circumstances, it can delay Bills and force the Commons to reconsider their decisions. In this capacity, the House of Lords acts as a check on the House of Commons that is independent from the electoral process. Bills can be introduced into either the House of Lords or the House of Commons. While members of the Lords may also take on roles as government ministers, high-ranking officials such as cabinet ministers are usually drawn from the Commons. The House of Lords has its own support services, separate from the Commons

List of members

Representative of the Monarch Lords Spiritual QCD QNL QGN QRC QDU Independent

Current members

Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
Sir David Constantine Armstrong, Baron Armstrong of Deakin 4 March 2023 State Governor of New Western Brisbane (2021-Incumbent)
Sir Joseph Thanawachiraporn, The Duke of Herning 29 July 2020 Bishop of Christoph Chao City(since 20 May 2020)
Religious Advisor in H.M.the King(since 29 July 2020)
Sir Bernard Leopold, 1st Duke of Kaipara 4 March 2023 Earl Marshal of the Kingdom of Queensland
Dame Patsy Liliana Victoria, 1st Duchess of Ballarat 4 March 2023 Speaker of the House of Lords (2019-2022)
Sir David Justin Portal Malta, 1st Marquess of Lillehammer 4 March 2023 President of the Supreme Court (2020-2023)
Sir Smith Arthur, The Baron Arthur of Castletown 15 June 2021 Prime Minister (17 March - 14 August 2019)
Dame Theresa Olivia Hunnerberg, Baroness Hunnerberg of Queanbeyan 4 March 2023 Deputy Prime Minister of Queensland (2020-2021)
Sir John Norman, The Baron Norman of Lacombe 15 June 2020 Commandant General of the Royal Queensland Marine Corps (29 March 2017 - 25 March 2019)
Dame Helene Gertrude, The Baroness Gertrude of Nassau 15 June 2021 Lord Speaker (10 April 2017 - 15 January 2018)
Sir Buttifant Herbert, The Baron Herbert of Charlestown 15 June 2021 Commons Speaker (16 July 2018 - 19 March 2020)