Kalmar National Authority

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Kalmar National Authority
Coat of arms
Motto: For a Powerful and Prosperous Nation
Anthem: State Hymn of the Kalmar Social Republic
File:Thorndike map.jpg
Kalmar claims in Red
CapitalFort Hermann
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Single Party Military Domminated
William Gebhardt
William Gebhardt
LegislatureCouncil of Commissioners
EstablishmentFebruary 2, 2013
CurrencyKalmar Dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard

Kalmar, officially the Kalmar National Authority or Kalmar N.A., is a territorial micronation located within capitalist America. It is located primarily in northern Ohio, with several territories located in other areas. The Kalmar National Authority is considered to be the very similar to Fascist Italy. Reich Fuhrer William Gebhardt was elected Reich Fuhrer of Kalmar in February 2013. The current capital of the Kalmar Government is in Fort Hermann.


Kalmar, which was established on 2 February 2013 is the official successor of the Eastern Soviet Union, which after William Gebhardt signed the Kalmar Establishment Act ceased to exist. Kalmar has only few remains of the EUSSR, but continues to occupy the same land, and uphold a similar government to that of the EUSSR.


The governmental structure of the Kalmar National Authority is a Unitary Single-Party System ruled over by Reich Fuhrer, with the assistance of the Council of Commissioners.

Council of Commissioners

The Council of Commissioners is the legislative branch of the Kalmar Goverment. Their duty is to create laws and documents made to improve and adapt the nation every day. The Council meets commonly and is always deciding on new laws. Within the Council, a representative must also hold the directorship of a National Organization.

Reich Fuhrer

The Reich Fuhrer of Kalmar makes sure that laws are relevant, useful, ethical, and just. The Reich Fuhrer has the power to speak within the Council, as well as veto or approve a proposed bill. He is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Kalmar Defense Force.


The Kalmar Defense Force is the official military unit of the Kalmar National Authority. It was established soon after the February Revolution for the protection of her citizens. The Reich Fuhrer of Kalmar is the official Commander-in-Chef, with the Commander of the Guard ranked just below him.

Law Enforcement

The Official Kalmar Law Enforcement is done through the Kalmar Defense Force.

National Symbols

All Fascist symbols are welcome within the nation. The national flag of Kalmar is that of German Empire. The National Emblem is that of a Golden Eagle with a Faces in its claws.


The economy of the Kalmar Social Republic is just getting out of the American caused "Great Resession". It has a fairly average income rate, and its redistribution and equality of income is actually fairly and truly successful. There is also plenty of foreign aid coming from private American citizens who care greatly for Kalmar.

Kalmar Dollar

The Kalmar National Authority Mark is the proposed currency of the Social Republic. It is designed to mimic the American dollar in use and design. It is planned to show the likeness of several Kalmar heroes including; Benito Mussolini,Francisco Franco and Reich-Fuhrer William Gebhardt. It is planned to become the official standard by June 2013.

Diplomatic Relations

Currently Kalmar does not have any diplomatic relations, but the government is making attempts to change that.



Date English name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day
February 2 Founders Day Day the Kalmar National Authority was founded.
May 1 May Day/International Workers' Day To commemorate workers worldwide.
July 2 North America Day Celebrated between Canada Day and American Independence Day.
November 11 Armistice Day Commemorating the end of all wars, especially the First World War.
December 25 Christmas Day in honor of Jesus' birth

Kalmar National Authority
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