Joseph I, Emperor of Meritia

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His Imperial Majesty
Joseph Mason Montgomery
Emperor of Meritia
Assumed office
7 September 2021
Predecessor Office established
High King of Scynja
Assumed office
25 March 2024
Predecessor Džözyp I
1st Prince of Northio
In office
3 March 2021 - 7 September 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
2nd Prime Minister of Scynja
Assumed office
15 December 2021
Predecessor "CornwallisControl" (no other known aliases)
2nd Emperor of All Assemblias (ceremonial title)
Assumed office
5 February 2022
Predecessor Conor I
1st & 3rd Praetor of Fontasia
In office
1 March 2022 - 25 May 2022
Predecessor Office established
Successor Dillon Fletcher
In office
25 November 2022 - 25 May 2023
Predecessor Dillon Fletcher
Successor Joseph Trick
Member of the Supreme Directorate from Blue Oak
In office
10 November 2022 - 2 June 2023
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born 25 January 2007 (2007-01-25) (age 17)
Fremont, Ohio, U.S.w:United States
Citizenship * Meritia
Political party Various
Relations N/A
Residence Patrickston, ME
Religion Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance  Meritia
Service/branch Meritian Military
In service 2021 - Present
Rank Chief Commander (2021-)
Commands Chief Commander of the Meritian Military

Joseph Mason Montgomery (born 25 January 2007) is Emperor of the Empire of Meritia along with 4 other Commonwealth Realms. Joseph is also the High King and Prime Minister of Scynja, the Ceremonial Emperor of All Assemblias, a position which was established by former micronationalist Conor Newman in 2015, and a holder of political offices in several other micronations as well, notably in Roscamistan and Bristolia.

Personal life

Joseph I was born in Fremont, Ohio as the eldest sibling of his family. He has 2 siblings, a sister and a brother, both of whom are younger than the Emperor and live alongside him in his current residence, the Imperial House. He is currently educated in a public school district in Lorain County, Ohio to which he considers to be a "foreign exchange school", since by his own definition he is a foreign Meritian going to a United States school. He began to undertake his imperial duties on 7 September when the Empire of Meritia was established as the official successor to the failed state of the Principality of Northio.


In early 2021, Joseph was introduced to the community of Micronationalism, and began to grow interested in it and the concept of forming a country. As a result, he began to plan for this in March 2021, joining various social media networks for micronationalism. This led to the creation of his first micronation on 3 March 2021, known by the name of the Principality of Northio, named for its location relative to the U.S. State of Ohio.

Principality of Northio (3 March 2021 - 7 September 2021)

At best, Northio's legacy can be described as a failed state. The nation was created in March 2021, however over its entire 6-month period of existence failed to gain and widespread momentum, although in the end was a great learning experience for Joseph. It had notable allies in the community including the once-active Floriland, Mexican-Brazil, Unitysia, Pinang, Esharia, Rovia, and many more. At its peak, it had a meager population of 4, no defined borders, and experienced major inactivity throughout its entire short lifespan. Northio was dissolved on 7 September 2021, after the efforts to keep it alive were deemed hopeless by its Prince, Joseph I.

Empire of Meritia (7 September 2021 - present)

Early Creation and RMC Conflict

When comparing Northio and Meritia, Northio doesn't even come close. The second and most recent micronation created by Joseph, Meritia was far more successful in the community, gaining widespread recognition from micronationals all across the world. It began its life by joining a small alliance known as the Micro-UN, which additionally led it to joining the ACPMUN (Anti Communist Pact of the Micro-UN), where Joseph would meet Michael of the CCR, and McKay of the USRM, names which would later prove very significant in the history of Meritia. Through McKay, Joseph would get Meritia to join the Rocky Mountain Confederation (RMC), where he would meet many new micronational leaders that Northio never had relations with, including Conor Newman of Assemblia, Desslok of Nexus, and later Joseph Trick of Scynja. Meritia would soon gain a foothold over RMC politics, growing to large-scale prominence in the alliance by November 2021. In the alliance, Joseph would work to democratize it, leading the creation of the RMC International Court, led by himself. This court would be responsible for giving all members of the alliance in violation of the rules a fair trial rather than simply banning them. In late November, McKay would seemingly disappear from the alliance, going inactive for multiple weeks straight, which enraged Joseph and many others in the alliance. When he returned, he claimed he had gone offline due to his mother being hospitalized, to which many believed he should have made a statement on rather than completely abandoning the RMC for weeks on end. The hate against McKay would only be exemplified into December, when the International Court banned Morwenna from the RMC for inciting arguments. The verdict was made clear, however soon after Joseph would be banned from the RMC for reasons unclear, however was later able to get back in, where he saw that Morwenna had gotten back into the RMC. Outraged, he confronted McKay, who attempted to justify his actions of unbanning Morwenna, but to no avail. Joseph would soon hold a vote of no confidence, which voted 4-1 against McKay as head of the RMC. He was then placed under trial by the International Court for going against a court verdict, to which he responded by banning and terminating Joseph from his posts in the court. Joseph then appointed Joseph Trick of Scynja to act as the judge on McKay's case, and it proceeded on 6 December 2021.

Liberation of the RMC

During his trial, McKay acted very unprofessional, consistently speaking on the court floor after being ordered to remain silent by the acting judge. This led to all appointed justices to favor a guilty verdict, which was given out to him after long consideration of the evidence. McKay was ordered to abdicate from his position as head of the RMC, to which he initially refused however shortly after complied after coming to the realization that everyone in the alliance now hated him and his corrupt policies. After his expulsion from the RMC, Chancellor Desslok of the Nexan Republic was appointed as the acting head, with Joseph as his deputy. The system was reorganized under a more democratic international government, with 6 December forever being known after as liberation day by all members of the RMC against McKay. Soon after, the RMC fell into a relative period of inactivity, leading to it being mostly abandoned by its member states, who were now very close in relations. This common unity among them led to Meritia forming the Tri-Alliance Pact with Assemblia and Scynja, who subsequently became their closest allies.

OFN and late 2021

Succeeding the inactive RMC was a new international organization, created by Joseph on December 2021, known as the Organization of Free Nations (OFN). it quickly gained widespread recognition, with Joseph becoming the elected Chairman of the organization, and many new member states joining. The OFN had the ultimate goal of "liberating" oppressive nations and organizations, and by extension inactive nations and organizations as well. It quickly began to partake in this tirade against corrupt micronationalism, taking over the inactive State of Esharia, a former ally of Northio, the now-inactive ACPMUN, and various others. It would put "vassal" governments in place of these servers, effectively controlling all of their actions and governments. It was around this time that they began to plan for their largest takeover yet, against the large AOTM, which they believed was oppressed due to Morwenna's presence in the community. Joseph began to plan for an assault on it, however this was never carried out and all attempts at infiltration were deemed obsolete as it fell into inactivity. With the new year approaching fast, Joseph announced big plans for Meritia in 2022, and indeed big plans he would partake in.

Early 2022

Meritia in 2022 continued to grow in size, and as a result continued to organize and expand their government, creating the Internal Court of Meritia to blacklist foreigners from ever holding citizenship, which began operations in February 2022. Joseph turned 15 on 25 January 2022, and received many well wishes from close allies and friends. He began to make plans for further expansion of national borders, having created his very first micronational map for Meritia back in late 2021. The RMC was completely phased out by this same month, when the OFN designated their old server as the new headquarters for the organization. In February, Joseph was presented with a conflict between Assemblia and Zeprana, occuring on a piece of land owned by Assemblia, known as Dilu Island. At first, they had tried to give the area to Zeprana, however it instead was chosen to become an international zone. This led to outrage by McKeen and Zeprana as a whole, which caused Conor I to reach out to close allies about the situation. Joseph, among others, saw opportunity for land gain from this conflict, and suggested it be partitioned between allies. This was later agreed upon, and Dilu was split between Meritia, Scynja, Nexus, Assemblia, and CCR, who quickly gave up their partition, not wishing to get involved with the arising dispute, where it was subsequently given to Melite. And so began the Dilu Island Dispute, which would drag on for months to come. Joseph quickly grabbed up as much of Dilu as possible, as well as half of Purple Island, a swampy island off the coast of Dilu which was additionally given to the Nexan Republic. Meritia also would organize their school system, starting the first school year in late February. In March, Meritia faced its first border issues, initiating the Meritian Border Crisis, which would continue to drag on for months afterward. Assemblia also was formally dissolved by this time, being replaced with the new Kingdom of Fontasia. By April, the nation fell into a short period of inactivity, before rebounding later on, growing much larger in size despite Joseph's second ban from Discord.

Summer of 2022

Into the summer Meritia faced continual growth in population and held its second Ministerial Elections in June. It was during these elections that Joseph Trick would win a second term, solidifying his position as a very popular and nearly undefeatable candidate. This upwards of growth was followed by the Internal Court of Meritia slowly turning into the conventional court of Meritia, as the Supreme Court still remained vacant. The Intelligence Detachment of Meritia also began operations around this time, convicting multiple individuals of violating the laws of the Empire. What came out of this increase in intelligence was the first prosecution of actual Meritian citizens, including Henry Franklin, Michael Johnson, and Joel Smith all on the same charges. Throughout the rest of summer, Meritia was engaged in various conflicts mainly against Zeprana and Almendria, and now Nexus as it had been exposed that Desslok was secretly a pedophile. One of these conflicts led to actual war, known as the Dilu War, and lasted only a day. Various other border issues occurred during this time span as well, leading to the creation of the Border Security Agency.

Present (Late 2022 and onwards)

Today, Joseph remains active in micronationalism as the Emperor of Meritia, maintaining decent notoriety in the community, and continuing to grow his country, with the ultimate goal of achieving total political independence one day.