Monarchy of Meritia

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Emperor of Meritia
Joseph I, Emperor of Meritia
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveDžözyp Trick
First monarchJoseph I, Emperor of Meritia
Formation7 September 2021
ResidenceImperial House

The Emperor of the Empire of Meritia is the Head Position under the Meritian Monarchy. Per the Federal Constitution of the Meritian Empire, adopted by the Government on January 30th 2022, the Emperor of Meritia is the Head of State of the Empire and Supreme Authority of the Government of Meritia, making the country an Absolute Monarchy. The current Heir Presumptive of the Empire is Joseph Trick of the Kingdom of Scynja, who was declared the Heir upon Joseph I denouncing any of his siblings or other family from the role for lack of trust in their leadership. The Position was formed on September 7th, 2021, following the declaration of the Empire of Meritia as the successor state to the Principality of Northio. Since then, Joseph I has served in the position, although no Official Coronation Ceremony was ever held by the Empire, but rather the position found its formal establishment by the authority of the Federal Constitution. The Emperor of Meritia per the Laws of the Nation also serves as the Central Authority Figure of all Commonwealth Territories, and the Protector of all Commonwealth Protectorates. They also hold the role as Acting Internal Judge of the Meritian Internal Court at any given time that the chair is vacant. The Current Salary of the Emperor set by the State Salary Act is 8,500 Pupa Annually. The Ruling House is the House of Montgomery.


Pre-Establishment (March 3rd 2021-September 7th 2021)

Preceeding the Position of the Meritian Emperor was the Prince of the Principality of Northio, also established by Joseph I back on the 3rd of March, 2021.