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Kingsford view.jpg
Aerial view of Kingsford

Parent nation: MGPRA1
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Capital: Lancey
Type of protectorate: Standard
Communes: Kingsford, Hoddle, Mount Harwick and Lancey.
Formation: May 2010
Area: 32 sq metres
Governor: Simon Pendek

The protectorate of Gardiner was the third protectorate in the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1, and also the smallest. It is currently part of the Republic of Acacia in the current Federated Republics of A1. It contains the Gardiner Railway, which connects all of the communes and provides for the only infrastructure project in the Republic. The Protectorate is almost unique to micronationalism, as in in 2010, Lancey Commune was established; made entirely of Lego.


The protectorate is named after John Gardiner, one of the first European settlers in the area, settling there in 1837.


The government of Gardiner is headed by Simon Pendek, and consists of the Governor and such ministers as he sees fit to appoint. It must be noted that all government activities, as Lancey is a commune made entirely out of Lego, are not to be seen as 'real life' activities.

As of July 2010, the following ministries exist in the Gardiner government:

  • Office of the Governor
  • Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport (incorporating the Gardiner Railway Commission)
  • Ministry of Finance & Economics


Goods trains make frequent trips from commune to commune, carrying such goods as materials required for maintenance and construction around the protectorate, minerals mined from Mount Harwick and other goods.

Climate and geography

The climate is fairly stable year-round, following generally the same lines as the rest of New Central.

Most of Gardiner is a level plain, with a ravine cutting through the middle between Kingsford and Hoddle. Mount Harwick rises in the north of the protectorate, with the Fish Creek running down off Mount Harwick and into the ravine. An artificial rise near the boundary of the protectorate runs from southern Hoddle up to Mount Harwick, allowing the railway to run along it.

Gardiner Railway

(See main article Gardiner Railway)

The Gardiner Railway was established at the same time as the protectorate.

There is one station in each original commune, rolling stock is hauled by locomotives powered through electric current running through the tracks, and also runs sightseeing tours through the ravine.

The railway is run by the government-owned entity, Gardiner Railway Commission (GRC) and overseen by the National Ministry of Transport.

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