Simon Pendek

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Simon Pendek

Simon Pendek being interviewed outside the administrative headquarters of Gardiner (centre).
1st Governor of Lancey
Assumed office:
16 July, 2010
Preceded by: Position established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Born: Unknown
Birthplace: Kladno, Czech Republic
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality MGPRA1
Political alignment A1 People's Party (Lego branch)

Simon Pendek is the Governor of Gardiner Protectorate in the MGPRA1, residing in Lancey Commune. He is made out of Lego.

Micronational career

Governorship of Gardiner

Following the establishment of Lancey commune in mid 2010, Simon Pendek was personally selected by Chairman Gordon Freeman to become the first Governor of Gardiner, based in Lancey.

Chairman of A1 People's Party (Lego Branch)

The establishment of Lancey, made entirely of Lego, also saw the establishment later on of a branch of the A1 People's Party specifically for citizens of Lancey. As Simon Pendek was already Governor of the Protectorate, Party Chairman Gordon Freeman appointed him to become the Chairman of the new branch.