Gardiner Railway rolling stock

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As of June 2010, there are four locomotives currently in service on the Gardiner Railway, out of six total locomotives. Several different trainsets are used for different roles, as well as specific designations for where locomotives should remain if not in use ('yard assignments').

Current fleet


Locomotive Type Year Entered
into Service
Yard assignment Wheel config. Photo Notes
GP1 2010 Kingsford Yards 0-4-4E GP1.jpg *Used for passenger trains only.
GP2 2010 Kingsford Yards 0-4-4E GP2.jpg *Used for passenger trains only.
*Currently out of service (June 2010)
GM1 2010 Kingsford Yards 0-4-4E GM1.jpg *Used for both passenger and freight trains.
GM2 2010 Hoddle Yards 0-6-6E GM2.jpg *Used for both passenger and freight trains.
GF1 2010 Mount Harwick Yards, Kingsford Yards 0-4-4E GF1.jpg *Used for freight trains only.
GS1 2010 Hoddle Siding 0-6-0E Photo not available *Used for short-haul, shunting and recovery purposes only.
*Out of service, under repairs (June 2010)


Carriage Number Year Entered
into Service
Number in fleet Photo Notes
001 2010 5 001 carriage.jpg *2 carriages currently out of service.
002 2010 2 002 carriage.jpg
003 2010 1 003 carriage.jpg *Usually used with locomotive GP2.
004 2010 1 004 carriage.jpg *Usually used for tourist route & special cargo.