People's Tribune (newspaper)

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Jornal Tribuna Popular
Micronation Pasargada
Publisher Bruno Cava
Language Portuguese
First edition Feb 2000
Number of editions 183 regulars

People's Tribune (Tribuna Popular) is an almost legendary newspaper in lusophone sector, famous for its dense and hard-line editorials and critiques. From 2000 to 2009, the Tribune was present in every polemical issue concerning lusophone micronations and micronationalism.

Founded in 1999 as an online board by the initial publisher left-winger Daniel Vaz, in Réunion, its first mail-style edition was publicized in february 2000. However, some months later, just before the 8th edition, the at-the-time réunion Bruno Cava became new puslisher, switching radically editorial line. With new directions, the Tribune started a direct approach to political and social aspects of micronationry, developing a strongly opionionated style, which converged journalism to literature-like dramas, specially while covering scandals, conflicts and polemical subjects.

In april 2001 (41th edition), following the publisher, it was shifted to the Free Community of Pasargada. At least until mid-2006, People's Tribune was generally recognized as the most readed and influential media vehicle within lusophone sector.

It finally made a comeback in the end of 2008, from 180th edition on.

Nowadays, with a new technical publisher, Renan Halphen, the Tribune is preparing a transference to wordpress and twitter interfaces.

People's Tribune Trophy

Together with Aruaque Prize, the People's Tribune Trophy is the most known and relevant award sistematically granted in lusophone sector. Created as part of celebrations for 100th published edition, it was conceded from 2003 to 2005, praising bold accomplishments in several categories the year before (2002 to 2004).

People's Tribune Trophy
Category Winner 2002 Nation Winner 2003 Nation Winner 2004 Nation
Personality Igor Ravasco
Felipe Aron
Rafael Kook
Statesman Marcus Motta Bruno Crasnek
Flag of Marajo.png
Claudio de Castro
Politician Briel Aitt
Blazon of Mariana.gif
Gerson França
Blazon of Mariana.gif
Manoel Ribas
Diplomat Jean Liberato
Flag of Male Caliphate.jpg
Filipe Sales
Marcel Carrijo
Flag of Mallorca.gif
Journalist Valdir Antonelli
Flag of Avalon.gif
Francisco Russo
Shaylla Motta
Lawyer Ezequiel Stone
Blazon of Stone.gif
Ezequiel Stone
Blazon of Stone.gif
Igor Alexandre
Economist Yuri Ghenov
not awarded not awarded
Webdesigner not awarded Heraldo Marquardt
Carlos Markotos
Grand Jury José Luiz Borrás
Flag of Andorra.gif
Shayla Vianna Motta Jorge Guerreiro
Special Amb. Vieira not awarded Alberto Fioravanti
Igor MacCord
Flag of Kelterspruf.png


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