Office of Film and Broadcasting Classification

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Office of Film and Broadcasting Classification
Siroccan Government Department
Founded19 January 2012
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Daniel Anderson (Minister of Access)
ProductsMedia classification
OwnerGovernment of Sirocco
ParentMinistry of Access

The Office of Film and Broadcasting Classification (OFBC) is a statutory classification board formed by the Siroccan Government which classifies films and television shows for exhibition, sale or hire within the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco since its establishment on 19 January 2012. It is the first micronational classifications board to be formed. Media outlets such as the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation have their broadcasting content rated by the OFBC before distribution and/or transmission.


Symbol Label Rating Notes New Zealand equivalent Australian equivalent
OFBC Label G.png OFBC-G.png G
General Exhibition
Suitable for all audiences. The content is light or very mild in impact, but does not necessarily denote a children's film or show. G G
OFBC Label PG.png OFBC-PG.png PG
Parental Guidance recommended
Parental supervision recommended for younger viewers. The content is mild in impact. PG PG
OFBC Label M.png OFBC-M.png M
Mature Audiences
Recommended for mature audiences aged 13 years and over. The content is moderate in impact. M, R13, R15 M
OFBC Label 16.png OFBC-16.png 16
Restricted 16+
Restricted to viewers aged 16 years and over. The content is strong in impact. R16, R18 MA15+, R18+, X18+
OFBC Label E.png OFBC-E.png E
Artistic performances, educational programmes etc. Must not contain material that may be considered 16 or R. N/A E
OFBC Label R.png OFBC-R.png R
Refused Classification
Contains objectionable content that is too extreme for a 16 rating. Programmes or shows with this rating may not be broadcast, viewed or sold within Siroccan territory. N/A RC, X18+

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