International responses to the Great Des Plaines Valley War

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Since the Invasion of the Rainbowlands, many micronationalists and micronations have released statements regarding the Great Des Plaines Valley War.

Due to micronational warfare being a controversial topic throughout the micronational community the war has been mostly received negatively. Many of the first responses came from those who led nations that had territory in the Rainbowlands. The first responses were mostly in support of the liberation of the Rainbowlands. However, the war became more known throughout the community negative reactions from leaders became more common. Naveria was the first nation to retract their claims from the Rainbowlands followed by Begon. Later Isaiah Burdette monarch of the micronation of Burdette and an M.P. in Wegmat Parliament stated that the war was dumb. He later resigned from his position in Wegmat.

An often argument against this war and micronational warfare in general is that it is disrespectful to veterans who served in macronational wars. However, no official statement has ever come against the featured picture on MicroWiki during the month of April which was taken during the Tungsten-MACP War, a war that did not have any physical combat.

Reactions from leaders

I, His Holy and Royal Majesty, The King of Begon and the Bruins, as Ordained by God, with great sadness now declare that the territory Davidstadt, ruled by HSH The Prince of Kaltmark, forever faithful to The King, will be ceded to The State of Illinois, not the United States, but The State of Illinois, following the international conflict surrounding and in the area.

— HHRM, Christoph I, King of Begon

This so called war is saddening. Why do people do this still?

— HIM Christina I to a member of the Imperial Cabinet

It troubles me greatly to see the invasion of territories which rightfully belong to nations led by my friends and allies. New Athens pledges diplomatic support to Wegmat and its allies and hopes for a speedy resolution to this conflict.

— HRH RM Tyler Mullins, King of the Free Nation of New Athens

Noting the conflict engulfing the Des Plaines Valley sector, where the Monmarkian Associated State, the Kingdom of Valandia, is located, and the fact that our territory was illegally occupied by Rodentia, a nation in that conflict, despite our neutrality in the conflict, I hereby pledge to demand an immediate withdrawal from our territories, and if this is not done, I will pledge diplomatic support to Wegmat and its allies, along with giving them permission to move armed forces through the Kingdom of Valandia.

— HMOM Alexander I Constantine

As an ally of New Athens and of Monmark, I hereby proclaim that what Rodentia and its allies are doing is unconscionable and hereby declare my diplomatic support for the Alley Coalition and UDCTC. May Ares be with you, Wegmat, for the sake of us all.

— Alexander I of Cimbrun

This is really dumb

— His Majesty Isaiah David Burdette

We have always maintained that all parties concerned should properly resolve their contradictions and differences through dialogue, negotiation and other peaceful means on the basis of mutual respect, and jointly maintain peace and stability.

— Vân Tinh

This war has brought upon us a terror, unlike any before, land has been stolen, morale has been low, but most importantly, we are all done fighting.

— Brady Griffin

Later, she issued another statement in response to New German premier Vladimir Baruh:

You're on the front lines, sure. You're being pelted with BB's, sure. That's your own fault. Not mine, not Elizabeth Taylor's, nobody's. Do you remember how your country entered the war? It was your own decision to reform your country, and your own decision to rebuke negotiations with Wegmat, and your own decision to get violent. Had you not done this, no one would be mad at you and the war would not be looked down upon to such an extent. Sure, I'm behind a screen, what can I do? What I can do is tell you and everyone else to knock it the f*** off, since nothing good is coming out of this and you are still looked down upon. No one is taking this war as an example.

For the foreseeable future Ausveria will remain neutral, we have always liked Wegmat however they do not like us. As time goes on we are pushed closer and closer towards supporting Rodentia in this conflict especially since our rival Tesforia has joined on the side of Wegmat

— Chancellor Fredrick M.

It is time I drop my dimplomatic support for wegmat and of the support for this war, I see no reason to support this war, nor it's actions.

— Emperor Brady Griffin

This "war" is so disappointing and disrespectful to real, macronational veterans that I felt forced to abandon our Des Plaines territory within days of learning of this conflict. It was also a turning point for me to end relations with some nations that I found to be unprofessional. Call this foreign policy move strict and extreme, if you will, but I think it's necessary. Many Naverians want nothing to do with the modern micronational community; this conflict and others' reactions to our actions just exemplify this desire to leave! I hope the disagreeing parties can find "peace", but the Commonwealth wants nothing to do with this.

— Grand Duke Casper I

I genuinely don't think I can take the micronational community seriously if this is how people want to act. It's practically the equivalent to third graders playing at recess and using soccer balls as cannons. Or a 2nd grader going to war with a 3rd grader because they're "big kids now and deserve to be treated as such." It's gotten to the point where people, maybe not even micronations, start drama over the smallest statements, and it makes me not want to take part in the community any longer.

— First Minister Kyra Benedict

A "real" war started from a dispute in a treaty from a micronation? I mean, the coup does seem like a real coup so nice for them, I guess. As there are rules to being in a council or group or comitee there are rules in other places and if you break them in such a way you could be left out or kicked. Or invaded, who knows? But I don't really know about leaving the micronation, mostly because I wasn't there and probably missed some announcements.

— High Commissioner Noor of Azufre

Nobody cares about these petty wars! We are all escaping death when we inhale, and if I were the leader of your nation I would have crushed you under the soles of my feet with endless battle.

— High Commissioner Maxwell of Kusini

While micronational war in this manner seems a bit immature, micronations are hobbies and war from that should be taken in the same light.

— Anonymous

looks like a war

— Mayor Jack of Bosveld

It wasn't a war, it was once again an example of stupidity within the Micronational Community.

— Mayor Thomas of North Watch

it's just some kids playing around just ignore it lol

— Weed Legalization Commissioner Jayden Lycon

The absolute ridiculousness of people in the community these days are honestly scaring me. Micronational "war" is a disgrace to the community as a whole, as well as the People who have actually SERVED IN A WAR. Whoever is participating in this war needs to consider their life choices before making this the history of their micronation. This affects all of us, Not just you and your fake war.

This is saddening, war may seem fun on paper, but it's not my Grandfather fought in the Vietnam war, and risked his life for America, and this, there are no casualties, there are no deaths, there are no mutinies, none of that, they may say that it's just for fun, but is war fun? Is loosing your husband or child fun? I should have never sent diplomatic support for these war mongers, This is just sad, no crude behavior, just know this, war is never the answer.

Why are people so mad about this?

None of this... None of this is poggers.

There’s a difference between a just cause, and a great game. Rodentia and Philmont have a just cause, and so are entitled to defend themselves. Weg imperialism in the name of socialism is unjust and against my moral and ethical values. However, as previously stated, due to the distance between Pontunia and the Chicago area, we unfortunately cannot fight to defend a just cause.

— Andrew I of Pontunia

Wendatia fully supports Wegmat and their allies as they fight to protect their homeland from the invading Rodentian and Philmontian forces. As a member of the UDCTC, we are willing to give any kind of support as we can, but due to us being separated by 287 miles, our options are limited. I hope that Wegmat and it's allies successfully defend their homeland.

The Kingdom of Suttornland

Micronational warfare in itself is not a problem, but when it becomes a roleplay, where getting hit by a Nerf dart is a 'death', that is a problem if you call it micronationalism. However, that is not the case here. And as for the debate for which side is the right one, Suttornland fully supports Wegmat and the Liberation Coalition mainly because it identifies with their ideals more. Socialism is fine as long as there are rights for the people and does not become a dictatorship. Fascism, on the other hand, needs to be stopped from spreading. I fully support the liberation of the  Rainbowlands and the people of Rodentia.

King Anonymous I of Suttornland

Counter-Debate from Belligerents of the War

Some belligerents have debated why the war is going on and if it is acceptable.

Secessionism should not be treated as a level of seriousness in the micronational community, nor should it be treated as doing the exact same as a macronation on the same scale. Micronations may acheive their goals on a macronational level while participating in hobbyist activities such as a micronational war. Especially considering micronational war is often not staged and unpredictable, although the coup in the Des Plaines Valley War was predicted it was not staged. Weg troops were deployed to Bobbygrad on short notice and the battles on L-day were determined by a fight using airsoft. I beleive war that are physical should be treated with much more respect then those cyber wars that do nothing but harm the reputation of the Communty.

— General Landis Y.

Yes, this micronational war should be treated as hobbyist, yes this micronational war may be considered fake. However calling this micronational war disrespectful to veterens is slander. We are not saying getting hit with a airsoft pellet is a causality. We call this a war due to these nations being in a state of war with one another and involving themselves in physical combat using rules that are often used in all airsoft games. Calling micronational war disrespectful to those who died serving in a heroic cause is not okay. It is like calling any airsoft game disrespectful to veterens.

— Prime Minister Cole Baird

The Federal Union found it necessary to defend itself from these invaders. War should always be avoided. We did not want war and never attempt to agress. We hope in the very near future that the new Rodentian government can negotiate for peace and we hope that we can return to peaceful relations with New Germany and Philmont as soon as possible.

— Prime Minister Cole Baird

The people of our union realized how dangerous Rodentia and fascism were to our people. The people were voting to declare war on the evil empire, eventually we deployed our troops to the Rainbowlands to help keep them independent. We our greatly disappointed in ourselves. Defending the Rainbowlands would’ve ended the war very quickly.

— Premier Molakadoy

New German premier Vladimir Baruh did not defend micronational war rather he stated that those arguing against micronational warfare “were pussys”.

Ya we may be playing with toy guns and yes real war isn't fun, however how can you call us disrespectful to real veterans? We're all in this community, that's not very patriotic. You all have fake cyber wars that do literally nothing to better your micro nations or anything else. You have nothing on the line and are safe from being pelted by BB's, we're in the mud taking action and while there are better ways of getting things accomplished it's fun and there are real stakes where losing could mean losing your fake country. Also who cares almost none of you are even closely related to this war. You have nothing relevant to share seeing as you aren't here so why don't you go piss of [sic] and get a life.

It has seem like forever that Wegmat has been shoving socialism down our throats. They have attempted to destroy my company and “arrest” me. Finally we realized that we were strong enough to take out a nation and take it over. I took that opportunity and proclaimed myself emperor and admiral of Rodentia. My company and people are still not safe with Wegmat and the P.U.C.S. we showed force on the first day of our empire by taking over Bobbygrad, and showed more force my forming a pact with Philmont and taking over the prized Rainbowlands. Soon there will be long time peace in the Rainbowlands under the Urraca Pact

— Emperor Edward Oaches

Dont care about morals, land is land. No socialism will be great.

— Generalissimo Sebastian Gustavo