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Government: None (anarchy)
Location: Non-territorial
Population: As of 17/07/09, 11
Date of foundation: Apr 7th, 2001
Head of Canton: Queen Danielle Pessoa
Language: Portuguese
Demonym: Icarian
Currency: Pasargadan Lire
Religion: Laicity
National Drink Beer
National Animal Boar
Website: Icaria at WikiPas
Micropatriology Nationhood, Fantastical, Peculiarist

Icária is a very peculiar Canton of Free Community of Pasargada. One of the seven primeval cantons, it initiated with Pasargadan foundation, in april 2001, named "Espírito Santu" by star-gazer micronationalist Leonardo Carrion. In march 2002, it was re-baptized Icária.

of many idiosyncratic features, Icaria is a total anarchy. There are no institutions, offices or cantonal laws. The only "authority" is the KKing (RRei) or QQueen (RRainha), aclaimed without any regular periodicity to serve as satyrical government.

Furthermore, Icária doesn't affiliate itself to Pasargadan realism, adopting several purely imaginary, almost fantastical elements. For instance, it is said that in Icaria there are dense and dark forests infested with wild boars. And other icarians defend that it is in fact a floating island with fairy-tale castles above the clouds. And yet others speak of streets full of bars, fountains and temples, where you always listen to the sound of harpes and flutes.

For a long time, Icaria was considered the most lyrical and cultural Canton of Pasargada. Nevertheless, since 2008, this position passed to Cenit, thanks to the Cenitian Week.

Who is who

QQueen Danielle Pessoa

Micropatriologist and Publisher of Angry Bull McMillan Hunt

Premier of Pasargada José Luiz Borrás

Soraya Lobão

Sérgio Chiapetta


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