History of Hjalvik

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The history of Hjalvik is the history documented ever since the independence of the Jarldom of Hjalvik from the Earldom of Orkney and the United Kingdom on 29 August 2020.


Before the establishment of the Jarldom of Hjalvik, much of the land the territories are based on today once belonged to the Earldom of Orkney, and subsequently the United Kingdom. Before Norse rule in Orkney, Pictish tribes inhabited the lands. In c.872 AD, Rognvald Eysteinsson founded and was declared the first Jarl of Orkney. Jarl Rognvald soon passed this title onto his brother Sigurd Eysteinsson. In 875 AD, the Orkney Islands, along with the Shetland Islands were ceded to Norway. Orkney was governed by Norwegian jarls until 1231, when the line of jarls became extinct.

In 1468, the Orkney and Shetland islands were pledged by Christian I of Denmark in his capacity as King of Norway for the payment of dowry of his daughter Margaret, engaged to King James III of Scotland. King James III and Margaret were married in July 1469. The Earldom of Orkney was now under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Scotland.

On 1 May 1707, the Acts of Union 1707 came into effect, signed by the parliaments of England and Scotland. This now meant that the Kingdom of Scotland was under the jurisdiction of the newly formed Kingdom of Great Britain. On 1 January 1801, the Acts of Union 1800 took effect, incorporating the Kingdom of Ireland with the Kingdom of Great Britain, to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The land Hjalvik sits on today was previously owned by the United Kingdom, before Hjalsk claims took place.

1st era (2020)

The 1st era of Hjalsk history documents the events that took place in Hjalvik during the year 2020 AD.


On 29 August 2020, Jarl Juvan I and Jarl Keaghan I discussed the foundation of a self-declared sovereign state. Jarl Juvan decided the name 'Hjalvik' would fit the norse culture of the nation, and on that day, Jarl Juvan declared the Jarldom of Hjalvik as independent from the United Kingdom. A flag was designed on the same day by Jarl Juvan. The Hjalsk Armed Forces were established to secure the defence of Hjalvik, with Max Hund being appointed as Supreme Commander. Some time in September-October 2020, Jarl Keaghan developed the Hjalsk language, which would serve as the legal written language on important Hjalsk documentation. The Hjalsk Skilingr was appointed as currency, alongside the British pound sterling.

Period of expansion

On 30 August 2020, Jarl Juvan, Jarl Keaghan and Max Hund set off on a colonisation mission in an attempt to claim land for Hjalvik. After coming across a small rocky island, situated off the Carness peninsula of the parish of St Ola in Orkney, Jarl Juvan declared the island was now under the sovereignty of Hjalvik. Jarl Keaghan designated the name 'Hamarsey' for the new territory. That evening, Jarl Juvan and Jarl Keaghan reserved more land for the Jarldom of Hjalvik; the territories of Bjarnihus, Clettholmr, Engrhus and Haugsetr, as well as the Hjalsk dependency of Jarnes. The following day, Jarl Juvan and Jarl Keaghan journeyed to Carness once again, in hope of colonising new lands, although this trip proved to be unsuccessful, with all considered lands proving to be unviable. On the same day, the territory of Tanþheim was established, with Jakub Topheim being appointed as governor, as well as the dependency of Kenheim officially joining the empire of Hjalsk influence. Tanþheim was the largest territory in Hjalvik at the time, until 1 September 2020, when the territory of Sandvölr was annexed. Sandvölr was governed by Jatvörþr Byhals. On 4 September, Jarl Juvan and Jarl Keaghan ventured once again to the Carness peninsula. Upon spotting a large rocky skerry sticking out from beneath the waves, Jarl Juvan decided to journey out to the rock. When Jarl Juvan eventually reached the rock, he claimed it for Hjalvik. This was to be known as Mykilsker. However, the next day on 5 September, the Hjalsk government concluded that Mykilsker was not entirely fit for a Hjalsk territory and that it would enter a decolonisation period before finally being handed back to the United Kingdom. On 6 September, Jarl Juvan and Jarl Keaghan set off once again in search of new land. This was when the dependency of Toftvölr was claimed, as well as the territory of Hestavagr officially annexed. Hestavagr became a naval port.

Period of rest

After what seemed to be enough land was conquered, Jarl Juvan and Jarl Keaghan decided colonisation missions were no longer necessary. On 28 September 2020, Hjalvik became the First nation to join the newly established Nordic Confederation. On 11 October 2020, Julius Byhals journeyed to the territory of Grösdunr to claim it for Sandvölr. On 25 October 2020, the lease of Mykilsker was extended to allow Hjalvik to manage the territory for a longer period of time. The handover was scheduled for 31 January 2021 at the latest. Little happened in Hjalvik during this period. Osbæk was annexed on 31 October 2020. This same day, Tanþheim was elevated to become Hjalvik’s first thanedom, with Jakub Topheim appointed as the thane.

On 2 November 2020, a rebellion broke out during a Hjalsk military drill. Led by Commander Horston against Jarl Juvan, the rebellion lasted a total of 10-20 minutes before the Jarl took control and shut it down. This became known as the 'Short Rebellion'. The rebellion began with Commander Horston having turned several soldiers of the Royal Hjalsk Army against Jarl Juvan, forcing them to rebel against him in protest against Hjalvik. Supreme Commander Max Hund stood and spectated the entire situation in silent dread. Lord Bar Tek was one soldier who could not be turned, and he stood by the Jarl through the whole rebellion, eventually helping the Jarl shut it down. All soldiers were let off with a warning, and Lord Tek was awarded the Hjalsk Medal of Honour for his work defending the Jarl. The reasoning behind Horston’s rebellion is unknown, but it resulted in him losing his rank in the army and receiving a discharge. Following the rebellion, Jarl Juvan made a speech to the citizens, addressing concerns with Hjalvik that can be easily solved, and a rebellion is never the way to go. All differences were solved the same night.

On 8 November 2020, a new Hjalsk order of Parliament was introduced, stating that a nationalised industry could not be privatised. This followed the privatisation of the Tanþheim Company, which was originally paid for by the Hjalsk taxpayers, then later privatised by Jakub Topheim, thane of Tanþheim. On 22 November 2020, Jarl Juvan claimed the Jarl Hakon Islands for Hjalvik. They became the first Hjalsk claims outside the Earldom of Orkney. Named after Jarl Hákon Pálsson, the islands are based in Antarctica, and go formally by the names of Smith Island and Low Island.

On 1 December 2020, the territory of Sandvölr was elevated to become Hjalvik’s second thanedom. The thane was Jatvörþr Byhals. However, Jatvörþr announced early on that he wished only to remain as thane for a short period of time. He promised he would abdicate on 1 January 2021, and pass the title on to his younger brother Julius. Hjalvik’s third thanedom was declared on 16 December 2020. This was the Thanedom of Hundlagr, better known as the Hunddom. Max Hund became thane, with the territories of Hundvegr, Hundskal and Fölhus entering the Hunddom’s domain. On 24 December 2020, the Jarldom of Hjalvik ascended to the Wrythe Convention, becoming the last nation of 2020 to do so. 25 December 2020 was the first Christmas in Hjalvik. On 31 December 2020, the Hjalsk act of health and emergency services was passed, granting all Hjalsk citizens the right to free healthcare and emergency service. This was the last day of 2020, where many Hjalskers celebrated Hogmanay.

2nd era (2021)

The 2nd era documents all happenings in Hjalvik in the year 2021 AD.

Period of modernisation

On 1 January 2021 at 12:00 noon GMT, Jatvörþr Byhals abdicated from the position of thane of Sandvölr. His younger brother inherited the position, and was pronounced Lord Julius Byhals I, 2nd Thane of Sandvölr. On 4 January 2021, Hjalvik ascended to the Edgbaston Convention. On 5 January 2021, Jarl Juvan established the Hjalsk Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as part of the Hjalsk Armed Forces. This would serve as the engineering branch of the forces, who would work for the Hjalsk government. The HEME would have three main work yards; the Meiser yard, the Haugsetr yard and the Rosby yard. On 31 January 2021, the Principality of New Tyne was annexed on some former Haugsetr land, and this became the first ever dominion under Hjalsk rule. On 2 February, the lease of Mykilsker was extended once again, supposedly happening by 31 March. The Hjalsk government could not meet this deadline due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and so the lease of the territory was extended in perpetuity, although it is likely its handover will happen before 2022.

On 12 February 2021, the Hjalsk Citizens Poll Tax act was introduced. This demanded the governors of territories to pay £3 sterling to the Hjalsk government, and an extra £1 per additional citizen. The case was £6 plus £1 per addition citizen for thanedoms. 24 February 2021 was the date of establishment of the new Ministry of Defence and Home Office in Hjalvik. These newly established services would manage the military establishments and services and the foreign relations of Hjalvik respectively. The territory of Brungarþr was annexed on the same day. The territory, governed by Jarl Keaghan, became an active military training base. Brungarþr was worked on by several citizens and the HEME, and kitted out to meet the standards of the training base it needed to be. On 27 February, a Hjalsk postal service was founded. A postman was appointed and the service began servicing the delivery of mail between Hjalsk territories, as well as issuing 1st, 2nd and 3rd class stamps. On 1 March 2021, the territory of Skogrland was annexed by Hjalvik, and placed into the hands of the Hunddom, governed by Josef Smiþr. The annexation of Heiþrby into the Thanedom of Sandvölr took place on 17 April, governed by Lord Bar Tek, and on 19 April, Borgtoft became an annexed territory, governed by Dixi Hæpvörþr, who became Hjalvik’s first female governor.