Thanedom of Hundlagr

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Þegndom av Hundlagr
Flag of Þegndom av Hundlagr
Sovereign stateJarldom of Hjalvik
Established16 December 2020
Official languagesEnglish, Hjalsk
• Thane
Max Hund
• Governor
Max Hund
• Monarch
Jarl Juvan I
• Total
0.000622 km2 (0.000240 sq mi)
• Census
3 (6 de facto) (2021)
CurrencyBritish Pound, Hjalsk Skilingr
Time zoneGMT
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Thanedom of Hundlagr, most commonly referred to as the Hunddom is a Hjalsk thanedom comprising of many small territories dotted around the Orkney Islands of Scotland.


The name "Hundlagr" is a Hjalsk word meaning "Houndlaw". The namesake derives from the name of the thane, Max Hund.



During the early days of Hjalvik, a territory known as Hundvegr was established by then-governor Max Hund. The territory was counted as part of Hjalvik, although was never officially annexed as an official territory.

On 13 December 2020, it was decided that on 16 December 2020, a new thanedom would be established in order to incorporate many of the smaller territories which were deemed too small to govern themselves, and would be economically better as part of a larger thanedom. This thanedom would be ruled by Max Hund.

Lease of Fölhus

On 15 December 2020, a treaty was signed by Jarl Juvan I, Jarl Keaghan I, and now-governor Isak Donaldson, on the land of Fölhus to declare that come 16 December 2020, the land would become a territory and would be incorporated into the Hunddom, with Isak Donaldsson becoming Governor of Fölhus.

Annexation of Skogrland

On 1 March 2021, the territory of Skogrland was annexed as part of the Hunddom. The territory would be leased to Hjalvik in perpetuity, currently governed by Josef Smiþr.


The geography of the Hunddom is something that varies greatly throughout the thanedom. From concreted paths in Hundskal and Fölhus, to vast moorland in Hundvegr. The geography of the thanedom is far from consistent, making it unique as a Hjalsk thanedom.


The Hunddom has 3 territories within its rule, each with their own governor.

Name Flag Incorporated into Thanedom of Hundlagr Area Population Governor
Fölhus Fölhus Flag.jpeg 16 December 2020 N/A 1 Isak Donaldsson
Hundskal N/A 16 December N/A 1 Max Hund
Hundvegr Flag of Hundvegr.png 16 December 2020 N/A 0 Max Hund
Skogrland N/A 1 March 2021 N/A 1 Josef Smiþr