Thanedom of Herland

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Þegndom av Herland
Flag of Þegndom av Herland
Sovereign stateJarldom of Hjalvik
Established29 May 2021
Official languagesEnglish, Hjalsk
• Thane
Jon Stefensson
• Governor
Jon Stefensson
• Monarch
Jarl Juvan I
• Total
0.83 km2 (0.32 sq mi)
• Census
3 (7 de facto) (2021)
CurrencyBritish Pound, Hjalsk Skilingr
Time zoneGMT
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Thanedom of Herland is a Hjalsk thanedom located in the Suþfold district of Hjalvik. Herland was founded on 29 May 2021, with Jon Stefensson appointed as thane.


The name "Herland" means "War Land" in Hjalsk. The name originates from the nearby Second World War defences at Hoxa Head, South Ronaldsay. The Herlandisk capital of Rosby translates in Hjalsk to "Rose Dwelling" , referring to the name of Lord Stefensson’s residence. "Borgtoft" translates to "Broch Cottage", as the territory is situated on the island of Burray, meaning "Broch Island" in Old Norse. "Suþþveit" translates roughly to "Southern Farm" in Hjalsk, referring to the southern location of the farmstead territory in relation to Rosby.


The Thanedom of Herland was established on 29 May 2021. The thanedom compromises of 4 territories; Rosby, Suþþveit, Borgtoft and Eyrasey. Borgtoft was originally annexed by Hjalvik on 19 April 2021. When Herland was established, Borgtoft was thrown into the lands under the domain of Lord Stefensson. The territory is still governed locally by Dixi Hæpvörþr.

When Herland was established, Jon Stefensson immediately assumed the position of thane, and is entitled to this position until his death or abdication.


The geography of Herland is not too contrasting, Borgtoft, Suþþveit and Rosby all consist of grassy fields, and Eyrasey consists of a small island made up of shingles, connected to South Ronaldsay by a shingle ayre.


Herland consists of 4 territories, most of which are fully bordered by the United Kingdom.

Name Flag Incorporated into Thanedom of Herland Area Population Governor
Borgtoft N/A 29 May 2021 2,200 m² 1 Dixi Hæpvörþr
Eyrasey N/A 29 May 2021 N/A 0 Jon Stefensson
Rosby N/A 29 May 2021 12,140 m² 1 Jon Stefensson
Suþþveit N/A 29 May 2021 >813,400 m² 1 Skyla Nikolsson