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Flag of Mykilsker
CountryJarldom of Hjalvik
Established4 September 2020
 • TypeMonarchy
 • JarlJarl Juvan I
 • JarlJarl Keaghan I
 • Total0.05 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • Total0
Time zoneGMT

Mykilsker is the largest island territory in Hjalvik. Located in the district of Midfold, Mykilsker is made up of two main islands; Mykilsker Island and Skerholmr.


The name "Mykilsker" means "large skerry" in Hjalsk. It was decided due to Mykilsker’s jagged geography.


Hjalsk claims

The first claims to Mykilsker took place on 30 August 2020, although it wasn’t until 4 September 2020 when it officially entered Hjalsk rule. Immediately after colonisation, the territory was already proving to be unprofitable to Hjalvik, due to its large size but infertile and unliveable land.


On 5 September 2020, it was negotiated by the Hjalsk Government that Mykilsker Island would be taken out as a leased territory, rather than a permanent one. Over time it would enter decolonisation, eventually leading up to a final handover ceremony. As of December 2020, the lease is set to expire by January 2021.

Original agreements made on 5 September stated that all of Mykilsker would be decolonised after Suþholmr was elevated to capital of Hjalvik. Although following later agreements on 12 September 2020, it was decided that Norþholmr would eventually become capital of Hjalvik. However it was later concluded that the handover of Mykilsker is likely to happen before Norþholmr becomes capital of Hjalvik.


Mykilsker was originally set to be handed back to the United Kingdom along with Hamarsey, though on 6 September, the Hjalsk Government came to the agreement that Hamarsey would remain part of Hjalvik, as well as the small island of Skerholmr; part of the territory of Mykilsker.

Mykilsker Island was originally set to be returned to British Sovereignty before 2021, although on 25 October 2020, it was announced that due to the lease of the territory being extended, the handover would not take place until January 2021.


The flag of Mykilsker was officially adopted on 21 November 2020. A British ensign is included in the flag, symbolising that at the time of the flag’s adoption, the Hjalsk government were aware the territory would eventually be handed back to the UK.


Mykilsker’s geography is from where the territory derived its name. Mykilsker consists of two islands; Mykilsker Island and Skerholmr, both of which are made up of jagged rocks, coated in thick bladder-weed. The only ways to access Mykilsker are either cross a rocky causeway of seaweed at low tide, or take the ferry operated by the Hjalsk Navy.