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  Hjalsk Territory  

Location of Suþholmr within Bulæk.
Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
District Vestfold
Established 31 August 2020
 - Type Monarchy
 - Jarl Jarl Juvan I
 - Jarl Jarl Keaghan I
 - Total 0.000124 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
Time zone GMT

Suþholmr is an island territory in the Vestfold district of the Jarldom of Hjalvik. The island is located within Bulæk, and has a permanent population of 0.


The name "Suþholmr" simply means "South Holm" in Hjalsk, due to the island being the southernmost of two territories in Bulæk, the other being Norþholmr.


The claims to Suþholmr were made on August 31 2020. The territory was officially assigned into the district of Lækfold on 6 September, before Lækfold was merged with Toftland to create Vestfold. On 5 September 2020, it was originally agreed that Suþholmr would become the capital of Hjalvik, replacing Hamarsey. On 12 September this decision was reconsidered, and it was announced that Norþholmr would be a more fitting capital. The official date for the transition has not yet been decided, but will take place after the Mykilsker handover ceremony.


Suþholmr is smaller than Norþholmr, and is entirely surfaced with grass. The island territory sits at the west side of Bulæk, a British lake, in the Orcadian parish of Orphir. The island is visible in both high and low tides.