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  Hjalsk Territory  

Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
District Vestfold
Established 31 August 2020
 - Type Monarchy
 - Jarl Jarl Juvan I
 - Jarl Jarl Keaghan I
 - Total 0.000442 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
Time zone GMT

Norþholmr is a Hjalsk territory located within Bulæk, Vestfold. Norþholmr has a permanent resident population of 0.


"Norþholmr" means "North Holm" in Hjalsk, as the territory is the northernmost of two within Bulæk; the other being Suþholmr.


Norþholmr was part of Scotland until 31 August 2020, when the first Hjalsk claims were made. On 12 September 2020, it was agreed that Norþholmr would become the capital of Hjalvik, replacing Hamarsey. The transition date is yet to be decided, but will likely take place after the Mykilsker handover.


Norþholmr is the larger out of the two territories in Laekfold. It is made of primarily grass, but has a small shoreline of shingles. At both high and low tides, Norþholmr is fully visible, and surrounded by water. The Hjalsk Navy operates ferry services to and from the territory.