Tanþheim Company

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Tanþheim Company
Private company
IndustryMedical Drugs
FounderJakub Topheim
Area served
Number of employees

The Tanþheim Company was Hjalvik’s largest and only privatised company. The company specialised in medical drugs and similar items, and was based in the Thanedom of Tanþheim.


The Tanþheim Company was founded during 2020 by Jakub Topheim, Thane of Tanþheim.

It was originally a nationalised company, but was later privatised, and was the only example of a formerly nationalised private company in Hjalvik, as it was established before the law was set in on 8 November 2020, that no nationalised company in Hjalvik could be privatised. It was officially disbanded on 27 February 2024, after the Hjalsk reforms.