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1st Minister of Labour of Baránok
In office
5. 9. 2019-25. 2. 2020
President Imrich Kvajda
Prime Minister M.B.
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
2nd Minister of Economy of Baránok
In office
7. 7. 2020-10. 12. 2020
President A.H.
Prime Minister K.Č.
Predecessor P.L.
Successor Imrich Kvajda
1st Minister of Education and Healthcare of Połiak-Baránok
In office
25. 2. 2020-8. 3. 2020
President S.D.
Prime Minister M.B.
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Nationality w:Slovakia Slovak
Political party FB (2020-2021)
Cabinet Government of M.B.

Government of K.Č.

H.K. is a former Baranese politician and official. He held high posts in several Baranese governments.

Political career

Second Republic of Baránok

He joined Baránok shortly after the Stone War on 5 September 2019 and became Minister of Labour in M.B.'s government. In November 2019, he founded the Democratic Party, which was dissolved a few weeks later after H.K. (its only member) joined the People's Alliance, briefly becoming a close ally of then-President Imrich Kvajda. He subsequently became an MP of the Kugelschreiber after December 2019 parliamentary election. During the 2019-2020 Baranese political crisis, he was one of the MPs that decided to leave the coalition, triggering early election for January 2020, which were, however, never held. H.K. left People's Alliance on 14 January 2020.


After the establishment of Połiak-Baránok, he joined Połiak, our nation a party led by P-B's President S.D. He then became Minister of Education and Health in M.B.'s illegitimate government, which lasted from 25 February 2020 to 8 March 2020. Up until P-B's dissolution on 23 March 2020, he was an opposition MP in the Federal Parliament.

Fourth Republic of Baránok

After serving as MP of the Transitional State Council of Baránok from March to April 2020, H.K. joined K.Č.'s newly established party Free Baránok in April 2020, however, did not gain enough votes to became MP of the Federal Assembly of Baránok. After the July 2020 parliamentary election, he became Minister of Economy in K.Č.'s government, although losing the race for a seat in the FA once again.

December 2020 coup

On 10 December 2020, a coup against K.Č.'s government led by Imrich Kvajda and S.S., two of the most prominent opposition leaders, began. Shortly after it started, H.K. made his best known public appearance, in which he stated:

The coup must end now. If it does not, an authoritarian regime will be established in the country.

This statement met with strong criticism and encouraged the opposition to continue the coup, which was declared successful shortly after.


H.K. then ran in Prime Minister election held between 12 and 13 December 2020, however lost in the first round. After this, he disappeared from the public eye, although finally winning a seat in the Federal Assembly in January 2021 election and becoming an opposition MP. He remained on this post up until the dissolution of Baránok and retired from micronationalism after that.