July 2020 Baranese parliamentary election

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The 3rd parliamentary election was held on 5 July 2020 in Baránok. Five political subjects ran. Free Baránok came victorious with 6 votes.

Baranese parliamentary election, July 2020

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All 7 seats in the Federal Assembly
4 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader K.Č. T.L. P.L.
Party Free Baránok CDA Drunk and Corrupt
Leader since 5 April 2020 24 March 2020 October 2019
Last election 2 votes, 16,7% 6 votes, 50,0% 3 votes, 25,0%
Seats before 2 3 1
Seats won 2 2 2
Seat change Steady 0 1 1
Popular vote 6 votes 5 votes 5 votes
Percentage 30% 25,0% 25,0%
Swing 14,3% 25,0% Steady 0%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Imrich Kvajda S.S.
Party Republicans S&S-SD
Leader since 17 April 2020 3 April 2020
Last election New party 1 vote, 8,3%
Seats before 0 1
Seats won 1 0
Seat change 1 1
Popular vote 3 votes 1 vote
Percentage 15% 5%
Swing 15% 3,3%

Prime Minister before election


Prime Minister after election

Free Baránok


Immediately after April 2020 parliamentary election ended, some people started to ask the government when will the next election be held. On 21 May, the President of Federal Assembly Oľga Bebečková announced that the election will be held on 5 July 2020. Five political parties and movements (CDA, DaC, Free Baránok, S&S-SD and Republicans) announced their candidature.

Campaign of the parties

The campaign started on 14 June 2020, and it ended on 3 July.


CDA did not have a big campaign, they posted their first poster day before the campaign ended.

The only poster of CDA wth slogan: Protect the nature and the animals: Don't let them die!


Free Baránok began the campaign on 20 Jun 2020.

The poster of Free Baránok, with slogans: No slavery, Lower taxes, More pugs and For rights of pugs!


S&S-SD had also a relatvely small campaign, their main slogan was: Vote for us and we will not let you down!

The poster of S&S-SD with their slogan.


The leader of Republicans Imrich Kvajda announced that they will have a big campaign, if it will be possible. Republicans were the first party to start the campaign (they started on 17 Jun 2020).

The poster of Republicans, in three languages: Slovak, Baranese and English.


Drunk and Corrupt started to prepare at the campaign already on 3 June 2020, when they revealed their new logo. On 18 Jun 2020, they posted their first poster. The main point of their campaign was to re-establish Połiak-Baránok.

The first poster of Drunk and Corrupt. Ironically, they have a slogan: Fight against the corruption! The two other slogans are: Less of state! and Better economy!


Free Baránok won the election with 6 votes, CDA and DaC were second with 5, Republicans third with three and S&S-SD came last with 1 vote and became an extra-parliamentary party.


As of 3 June 2020, there was only one opinion poll.

Polling Firm Dates CDA S&S-SD DaC FB R Lead
Baranese Telegraph June 3, 2020[1] 18.2 9.1 9.1 27.5 36.4 8.9


Party Leader Results
Free Baránok K.Č. 6 30%
CDA T.L. 5 25%
Drunk and Corrupt P.L. 5 25%
Republicans Imrich Kvajda 3 15%
S&S-SD S.S. 1 5%
Total 100.00


  1. Kvajda, Imrich. "Opinion poll: June 2020, #1". Baranese Telegraph. Retrieved 3 Jun 2020.