Baitul Ilmi Mosque Vandalism

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Baitul Ilmi Mosque Vandalism
Date September 16th, 2011
Location Labstadt
Status Ended
Vandals Flag Of Lbp.gif Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros


Muhammad Ariq
Zordhi Muhammad Pasha
Senna Haritsyah
Dhio Pratama Putra
Adji Rizqi
Muhammad Hady Faiz
Indrawan Prasetyo
8 10
Injuries and losses
0 1

The Baitul Ilmi Mosque Vandalism was an act of vandalism on the Baitul Ilmi Mosque in Labstadt, Los Bay Petros. The vandals used a water cannon against Los Bay Petrosians. The Los Bay Petrosians responded with an Aqua-1 Missile and a second water cannon.


The root of the vandalism arose when civilians in and around Los Bay Petros created a weapon known as a water cannon that consisted of a water bottle that was twisted onto a hard surface. Civilian Muhammad Ariq created a version of the weapon and began firing it at the Baitul Ilmi Mosque in Labstadt. Further vandals began firing the water cannon at each other. Adji Rizqi ordered Muhammad Hady Faiz and Indrawan Prasetyo to intervene in the vandalism.

The intervention failed, and the Los Bay Petrosian troops were forced to retreat. The vandalism and violence continued in the region, but eventually died down. The Los Bay Petrosians gained the ability to build a water cannon because of the conflict; this weapon was previously not used by the Los Bay Petrosian army. Use of the weapon is limited in Labstadt due to the conflict.