Chamber of Deputies (Francisville)

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Chamber of Deputies
Kammer vun Deputéierten
Former Legislature
Francisville crest.png
Type Unicameral
Speaker James Stewart, as Grand Duke
since 3 June 2009 (at dissolution)
First Minister Andrew Newton, Independent
since 3 December 2010 (at dissolution)
Members Four (at dissolution)
Political groups      Independent (4)
Committees Constituional Reform
Culture, Language & Religion
Education & Research
Legal Affairs
Local Democracy
Voting system Single transferable vote
Last election May 2010
Meeting place
Great Assembly Hall, Kirkburgh

The Chamber of Deputies (Francillian: Kammer vun Deputéierten, French: Chambre des Députés) was the unicameral national legislature of the Democratic Duchy of Francisville. Sometimes simply called the Parliament or d'Kammer, it was annually by the system of single transferable vote. It was also responsible for election of the First Minister of Francisville.

Election and Functions

The function of the Chamber of Deputies were defined by the Constiution of the Democratic Duchy of Francsville, articles 41-55[1]. As a representative democracy, all constitutional and legislative power was vested in the Parliament. According to the constitution, the Chamber:

  • enacted and amended legislation
  • elected the First Minister of Francisville
  • amended the Constitution (with the exception of Rights of the People)
  • called national referendums
  • enacted and regulated taxation
  • approved the national budget
  • regulated local authorities
  • declared war and coordinated defence

The Chamber of Deputies was elected annually using the single transferable vote. Deputies were elected from a national list but this was not specified by the constitution. Constituencies could therefore have been used if the number of members had increased. The Chamber was composed of at least one deputy, with an additional deputy per every five citizens.



The first assembly of the Chamber of Deputies was elected on 28 May to 3 June 2009[2]. Two parties stood candidates and each gained one seat; the centre-left Francillian National Liberal party, and the centre-right Francillian National Democratic party.

Party Deputies
Francillian National Democratic 1
Francillian National Liberal 1
Independent 2
Total 4


The second assembly of the Chamber of Deputies was elected on 28 May to 3 June 2010. All deputies were elected as independents.

Party Deputies
Independent 4
Total 4


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