2020 Humberlea-Cupertino Summit

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2020 Humberlea-Cupertino Summit
Date 29 July 2020
Site North York Civic Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Attendees 3
Previous summit MicroCon 2019
Next summit Trinational Summit

The 2020 Humberlea-Cupertino Summit, also known as the North York Meetup or the 2020 North York Summit, was a meetup between Jayden Lycon, Nicholas Lokin, and Nicole Lokin in the North York Civic Centre on 29 July 2020.


Nicholas Lokin inquired to Jayden Lycon regarding questions on 26 June 2020 in acquiring Aenderian Coast Guard sailing vessel Brudda Osas. Lycon suggested mailing but Lokin later insisted to meet up. Both agreed on the North York IKEA location near Leslie station on 6 July 2020, as Lycon needed to buy photo frames. Later, on the same day, Brandon Mierzwa expressed interest in joining the meetup, but could not attend the 6 July planned date. Lycon also suggested moving to the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as Lokin suggested inviting Benjastan to the meetup.

On 18 July 2020, Matachewan left the meetup planning group for unknown reasons, as well as Benjastan later declining the invite to join the meetup. The location was also changed multiple times, from nearby Bessarion station to Leslie, but later switched to North York Civic Centre.