A1 Weather Bureau

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A1 Weather Bureau
Type: Government-owned Entity
Founded 1 June 2009
Parent agency: A1 Ministry of Finance & Interior
Director: Roger Lyle (Acting)
Headquarters: Republic of Acacia, A1
Jurisdiction: All republics of the FRA1
Website: http://weather.fra1.net

The A1 Weather Bureau is an agency of the government of the Federated Republics of A1, established to supply A1's citizens with local and accurate weather information.


The was established in June 2009, and provided sporadic weather warnings via the A1 News Service with no online presence of its own.

In February 2010, a re-invigoration of the Bureau began. This mainly involved the completion and construction of its website, as well the capacity to provide rainfall measurements and weather warnings through it. A forecasting system was also trialled, but this was dropped due to lack of information and time.

Weather forecasting was resumed in February 2012 on both the A1 News Service website and the newly re-launched A1WB website.


The A1WB is the only provider of weather specific to A1, although the Australian Bureau of Meteorology provides less-specific forecasts for New Central and surrounding areas.

At present, the A1WB only supplies rainfall data and weather warnings for New Central, although this is hoped to be expanded on in the near future.

Equipment & technology

The A1WB has a single weather station, located in the Filland commune of New Central. It houses a three cup anemometer, a weather vane, barometer and an udometer. Daily readings are currently taken from the barometer and udometer only, although only the udometer meets World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) standards.

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