2020 Rino Island presidential election

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2022 Rino Island presidential election

← 2018 1–7 September 2020 2022 →
Candidate Marco Antonio Rino Minervo Chumingo
Party National Unity Party Independent
Popular vote 37 4
Percentage 90,24% 9,76%

President before election

Marco Antonio Rino
National Unity Party

Elected President

Marco Antonio Rino
National Unity Party

The 2020 presidential election of Rino Island was held on 1–7 September 2020 with the votes polled and counted and results being declared on the same date. Incumbent president Marco Antonio Rino who was backed by the ruling National Unity Party was re-elected to office defeating his opponent and rival candidate Minervo Chumingo, who ran as an independent. Parliamentary elections were also held, where the National Unity Party won all the seats.