Order of A1

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Order of A1

Design of the award (Prior/Prioress)

Design of the award (Knight/Dame & Serving Brother/Sister)

Design of the award (Commander & Officer)
Awarded by the First Secretary of A1
Type Order of merit
Eligibility Citizens of A1 (full), foreigners (honorary); cannot be awarded posthumously
Awarded for Outstanding contributions to the nation and general excellence
Status Currently awarded
Established Early 2008
First awarded Early 2008
Total awarded 5
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Recruitment Ribbon

The Order of A1 is the highest civilian award able to be bestowed upon an A1 citizen.


The Order was established by then Deputy Chairman of the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1, John Hogg in early 2008. Then Chairman Marienka Pprit then awarded him the Knight of the Order of A1 and herself as the first Prioress. The system was not affected by the November Transition.


The Order consists of five grades and a medal. The different grades of the Order are awarded according to the recipients' levels of achievement:

  • Prior/Prioress (POA1) (Grade I)
  • Knight/Dame (KOA1/DOA1) (Grade II)
  • Serving Brother/Sister (SBOA1/SSOA1) (Grade III)
  • Officer (OOA1) (Grade IV)
  • Commander (COA1) (Grade V)

Any person may nominate any A1 citizen for an award. The nominations are reviewed and approved by the Head of State at the time. People who are not A1 citizens may be awarded honorary membership of the Order at either the Officer or Commander level. All awards of the Medal of the Order are substantive, regardless of the citizenship of the recipient. Appointments to the Order are not made posthumously; however, if a nominee dies after accepting an appointment but before the relevant announcement date, the appointment still stands and it is announced as having effect from no later than the date of the nominee's death.

Officials of the Order

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