Nationalist Party (New Europe)

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New European Nationalist Party
Neueuropäische Nationalistische Partei
ChairmanMarkus Berg
FoundedOctober 3, 2009
Preceded byConservative Party
National Socialist Party
Youth wingPlätteisen-Jugend
IdeologyMonarchism, National conservatism, Jingoism
Political positionRight
International affiliationConservative Union
ColorsBlue & Yellow
Seats in the Reichstag
6 / 11

The Nationalist Party is one of the contemporary political parties in New Europe. Originally founded by a group of rogue Conservative and National Socialist Party members in October 2009. The party's platform is generally considered right of center in the New European political spectrum. The party was meant to replace the outlawed Fascist Party in 2009 but was unable to successfully rebuild New Europe's internal, and especially, its external systems and capability. It has been reformed and a leading voice in the White Revolution.



Durring the Reformation the government was attempting to expell all forms of Nazism within the nation and empire. The Conservative Party, founded by King Matthais I, was heavily hit by charges of ideological corruption and attempts at "Nazification of New Europe". Although officially a royalist party, King Matthais was only a royalist supporter in terms of government. In practice the King pushed for the adoption of infamous Nazi symbols, in particular the ranks and awards of the Wehrmacht and the S.S. 

In an attempt to save the party King Matthais was replaced as Chairman with Queen Catherine of Tennessee, who was a strict royalist and was the first to propose a monarchy when New Europe formed. Then those who supported the use of Nazi symbols, especially for the military, split away to join the Fascist Party. The National Socialist Party was never trusted by the government and was under constant watch its entire existence. Its members who didn't wish to be associated with Nazi racial policies left the party and joined with the Conservatives under Queen Catherine. The party held a congress and voted to become the Nationalist Party.

Rise and Fall

They were however surpressed by the censorship of the Fascist lead government. And during the civil war that caused the eventual collapse of New Europe majority of party members faught in the Loyalist Army. Queen Catherine met with the emperor upon his return from exile and convinced him to apoint the party as the majority in the Reichstag after the war. Although the action was considered illegal, the emperor agreed and because the Loyalist Army had not yet disbanded when the election happened the emperor was now an unchallenged despot.

It is unknown if the party legally won the election, but they were declared the majority and would remain such until New Europe's collapse. During this time the Chancellor was also the party leader which brought most of the responcibilities of the governments inability to rebuild New Europe's foreign relations which had suffered for months leading to the civil war. As well as its unwillingness to reform the government that was in desperate need of it. Upon the emperors withdrawl from micronational life the chancellor was dismissed and the powers of his office were split to the ministers. The party went inactive one member at a time until August 13, 2010 when New Europe officially collapsed.


Upon the collapse members of the party simply went on with their lives only three of them chose to remain and try to rebuild New Europe. Only they did not have access to the government website, accounts, or its resources and so they rebuilt from scratch. Once they had established their own solid ideology they began a search for members of the Reichstag who would be willing to return.

No one from the Leftist Party was interested in returning unless the Regent was made the official monarch. This caused a brief halt in the parties search for members but once they haad contacted Jorge Contreras, leader of the Centrist Party and last military leader of New Europe, he gave Alex Huber the URL to the original MicroWiki. Hoping to find community members there, they only needed the emperor to return and resume his throne. But they found that the community had moved to another wiki and went there to find it had moved again. Eventually they contacted the emeperor and had the Falian Fascist Party merge into the current party membership.


The party advocates a free market economy. It is also an open supporter of monarchism, and premotes it across the micronational world. It is also a supporter of military power across the micronational world and that, although it is not in favor of Microwar, a nations military organization demonstrates its capability and commitment to its micronation. On foreign policy, the NENP wishes to re-establish New Europe as a Microworld power. And to advocate peaceful and diplomatic means to solve issues that arise between micronations.


Defence policy

The party is in favor of strengthening the  New European Army through raising military expenditures. Nationalist plans to introduce a fully professional army and resume confederate plans to generate uniforms and banners. It is also in favor of participation of New Europe in foreign military missions.

Foreign affairs

The party supports economic integration and tightening the cooperation in areas of energetic security and military, but is skeptical about closer political integration. It is against joining the Organisation of Active Micronations. Nationalists are in favor of strong political and military alliances between New Europe and other right-wing micronations.

Social issues

The party's views on social issues are broadly similar to those of conservative parties in other countries. It favors restrictions on abortion. It is also against euthanasia. It opposes same-sex marriages within New Europe, however it does recognize the union of homosexual couples from other countries. Heavy restrictions on immigration and aquiring citizenship. As well as the promotion of European cultures within national territory.

The party promotes itself as a pro-family party. It favors shutting down unneccesary sections of the government on Sundays and holidays, so that people can spend more time with their families.