Kossian general election, March 2012

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March 2012 Kossian General Election
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March 20th - March 25th 2012 June 2012 →
Candidate Richard Garrshire Luiza Portes
Party LIB! KFP
Home state Archduchy of Montriac Grand Duchy of Koss

Kossian Decision Logo

Incumbent Premier

Richard Garrshire

The March 2012 Kossian General Election was an election planned to be held on March 20th, 2012, to elect the next Premier of Koss. The Premier should be elected by the supreme legislature, the Estates of the Realm; and if the legislature couldn't reach a decision, the power of decision would be handed out to the Emperor of Koss.


It was decided by the Monarch, Lucas I that there always must be atleast one candidate from each constituent nation. The search for candidates began and on March 9th, Luiza Portes demonstrated her intentions to run for Premier as the Grand Duchy's representative. After a long dicussion between His Imperial and Royal Highness and the current -acting- Premier, Richard Garrshire announced that he was going to stand up for the upcoming elections.


In the days precending the elections, a poll was conducted, it is speculated that the Estates of the Realm would not reach a conclusion, as the Grand Council would elect Luiza Portes and the General Council would elect Richard Garrshire, being so, the job falls to the Monarch, who expressed no intentions of favouritism, but rather to chose the best Premier.

Montriac Crisis

The montresque population, thanks to the taxes imposed by the government, was slowly losing interest in the micronational project and even leaving Montriac. This also caused a rupture in the economy that led not only to the drain of the Montresque reserve but also an external debt, a 10% of the last recorded amount of money saved in the reserve. The government in base of the Archduke's advice, convinced a small part of the population to stay in the Archduchy, knocking down the tax affair. The population descended a 66.6% of its size. After this, the government was broken, many governmental officers had left and the interest of the citizens for the Montresque politics was almost nonexistent; and because of this, the Prime Minister decided to order an absolute monarchy under Lucas I until a new better government system can be applied, and the interest of the citizens is recovered.

On the 12 of March 2012, after several disputes between the central government of Koss and the Montrésque delegation led by Richard Garrshire as main messenger of the Montrésque community; the Imperial executive reached to a decision, freeing Montriac. But this was under strict conditions described in a letter sent by the Kossian Emperor to the Montrésque delegation, which were described as follows:

*"Montriac will not be considered the successor of the Kossian Empire"

  • "The UNECAUS, Montriac will continue to be a member, but the structure of the Union will change: The Kossian Empire or its successor will be the leader and will make the ultimate decisions."
  • "To engage in any form diplomatic relations between the Realm of Koss and Montriac, the Monarch of Koss must give approval, which he mostly like won't."
  • "The new independent Montriac will not have myself as a leader, and shall adopt the Monarchy as their government system and it must keep the Order of Lucas I in tribute to me. On April 1st the Montresque community can change its form of government to whatever it likes and it can choose to destroy the order or not."

The terms of the letter were heavily criticized by Garrshire, who refused to accept the stipulated conditions and decided to seek for external support. Finally, the Montrésque president Isadora Annenak agreed the conditions stipulated by the Kossian Emperor Lucas Campos in the Montriac letter, sealing the "crisis". As a result, the election couldn't be carried out.