Republic of Cooriengah

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Flag Cooriengah.png

"Without freedom there is nothing."
Official language(s) English (Australian and British)
Official religion(s) Christian
Government Federal Republic
- First Secretary Gordon Freeman
Legislature House of Governance
Established 20th December 2010
Area claimed 10600m²
Population 30
Currency AUD
Time zone (UTC±0 to +1)
National animal Koala
Patron saint St. William
This republic is part of The Federated Republics of A1



The nation consists of three counties. The counties are not connected so you must travel briefly through Australian territory, which surrounds the kingdom, to arrive in another county. The county of New Matraville is near the central sector of the Principality of Optima's Dayneville province.

The nation's second largest city is the capital Ernek which also includes the suburbs of Upper Ernek, Lower Ernek and South Ernek located in New Willow. The other main cities are Hugo and New Liverpool which is the largest city in terms of size however has a smaller population than the other large city Ernest.

Government and politics

The nation is ran locally by the republic's own, independent, government that manages local affairs. The government is ran by an elected Premier who then appoints a cabinet, usually from his own party, to assist him in his duties which each of the cabinets members given a portfolio such as Finance or Defence to manage. At current the government consists of five members of the Cooriengahn Party and one independent.

Foreign relations

As a Republic of A1, it does not conduct its own foreign relations which are ran by the central government of the Federated Republics of A1.