Emperor of Ostreum

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Emperor (or Empress) of Ostreum is a title used by Baustralian Monarchs after imperialization of Ostreum. Originally formed as a Dominion called Tentacion, it was reformed into an Empire with the name Ostreum.

The title Emperor of Ostreum is seen in the Royal Style and is frequently used in signatures around the start of 2020 of the Emperor as king-emperor, usually signing John I R.I., that is John the First, Rex et Imperator or John the First, King and Emperor.

The title was dissolved on 28 December 2020, after the Empire of Ostreum was reorganized into a colony. After this, the head of state became known as the King of Ostreum.

Name Portrait Arms Birth Marriages Death
 House of Caravaggio 
(2018 – 2020)
Jacob Patrick
14 April 2018 –
7 June 2003
Son of Princw John, Duke of Kingston
and Susan, Duchess of Kingston
Does not appear Unmarried Living, age 20 years, 268 days