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In Baustralia, the speech is known as His Majesty's Most Gracious Speech, the Gracious Address, or, less formally, the King's Speech (or Queen's Speech, when the reigning monarch is female). This happens usually one month after the formation of a new ministry, on 20 August. The speech is the marking of the opening of the Parliament of Baustralia and is the matter that takes precedence that day.


In 2019, King John said his first Speech from the Throne. It happened on 20 September 2019, one month late from the scheduled date. The speech was recorded and made public at 8:45 AM EST on YouTube. The speech makes known the goal of Baustralia and its legislature, that the ministers need not fall behind in other commitments for Baustralia's sake, acknowledging the Area 51 raid, thanking the ministers for their work and enforcing the responsibility to uphold democracy and to not except bribes, and introducing the 2019 budget.


Opening Speech To The House of Commons of Baustralia

Loyal and exemplary parliament, it is my honour to open up this house and this government’s legislative body to start working towards the betterment of Baustralia. It has been a long and restful summer, but now we have a duty to administer this nation so that our people can rest easy. It is our duty, and it has always been our duty to make Baustralia the best micronation that it can be, serving our people, and standing up for each and every person that calls Baustralia home.

This job takes time. The crown recognizes that each member of government has other commitments in addition to administering the nation. However, it is important that when it is needed, each member is able to vote and represent their constituents. It is our job to worry about the smooth running of this country so that the people don’t have to. Don’t worry too much though, make sure that each of you does not fall behind on any of your other commitments for Baustralia’s sake. We don’t want to block you from succeeding in your own pursuits.

Now, as this is the first speech taking place in this house for this government’s term, I would like to recognize the brave efforts of so many Baustralians around the country. Our hopes and prayers go with all that are going to the Area 51 raid today. Your courage and valour do not go unrecognized by this government, and we hope that whatever you find inside that base would advance Baustralia’s understanding of the universe. They can’t stop all of you.

To your constituents and to the people of Baustralia, I would like to thank each and every person that voted. The democratic system can seem very corrupt and broken sometimes, but your vote is the best way to influence this nation to do what is right. To our members of parliament, it is also your responsibility to uphold the institution of democracy. To prove that it was right to have you elected, and to stay away from illegally influencing other M.P.’s. Bribes and corruption will not be tolerated anywhere in this government, and we warn all those that would choose to use their position for personal gain over the nation.

Now it is also my honour as monarch to introduce this government's budget for the term. The way that our taxpayers dollars are spent is the chief concern of many around the country, and we want to make sure that they are used most efficiently for the programs that are important to them.

Our budget for this year includes: ᛒ205.48 BUB allocated to the continued glory of our nation, in the creation of national symbols, and in the purchase of physical government flags and lapel pins. The budget also includes a ᛒ178 BUB allocation to Military spending to uniforms and clothing for Baustralia. We will also be spending ᛒ174 BUB for the maintenance of our website, and ᛒ102.75 BUB for any needs that may arise. This will be spread over the course of the 2019-2020 fiscal year, and funds will be generated individually as necessary, though we will limit spending to these amounts over the year with a document of payments being submitted to the public for each purchase. This list will be available to be viewed by all members of the nation. We will also show who contributed the funds towards each government related purchase.

This budget comes to a total expenditure of ᛒ660.23 BUB which is the highest our nation has ever before proposed. But this just shows how much this country cares about its people and how we wish to support each and every member. This may require occasional commitments of 5-20ᛒ from Members of Parliament to go towards government projects affecting them or their office. Thank you to all Members of Parliament in participating in this government! The Crown hopes that all those involved in our government can appreciate and enjoy all the running of the nation that this job requires. Being an M.P. is definitely a unique experience, so we encourage you to enjoy your time as an elected member of this house. Don’t stress yourselves out too much. Every single one of you brings something unique to the table. And without further ado, I would like to pronounce this house officially open for the 3rd Parliament of Baustralia.


In 2020, King John said his second Speech from the Throne. It happened on 20 August 2020. The speech was recorded and made public at 12:15 PM EDT on YouTube one week after. The speech makes known the intent to continue with dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, establishment of salaries and minimum wage, a NAAFI-like insitiution, and the budget for the 4th Parliament.


Opening Speech To The House of Commons of Baustralia

Loyal and exemplary Parliament, this year has proved trying and tough. We are called to help our fellow Baustralian and imperial citizens. As we near the end of this year and return to normal, it is our duty to help this process.

Therefore, the Second Sullivan ministry in combination with the Defence Council, Admiralty, War Board, and Air Board has decided to allow salaries to be paid to government staff and military staff. In addition, the Treasury will be looking into creating laws for minimum wage for civilian corporations and small businesses.

We intend to form a military organization recruiting stewards, cooks, and persons involved in retail. This organization, the Officer’s and Members Institution, served by members of the Baustralian Army serving under the to-be-active Royal Baustralian Army Service Corps. This corps will be lead by a former Royal Canadian Army Service Corps corporal and Canadian Logistics Branch captain under the post of Quartermaster-general, formerly Inspector-general.

Salaries by year will be as follows: 10-15 Boercs for government positions, and ranging from 10 Boercs down, with government salaries halved if also military. The military salary will remain the same.

As for the budget, we will continue with the Timpson ministries budget. Some changes, however, include transferring much of the web services budget to the rest, equally, as we have found cheaper web hosting and email services. This is why our website has been inaccessible for the past month.

So, ᛒ263.50 BUB will be allocated to the creation of national symbols, and in the purchase of national objects and material. The budget also includes a ᛒ236 BUB allocation to Military spending to uniforms and clothing for Baustralia. We will also be spending ᛒ160.75 BUB for any needs that may arise. This budget comes to a total expenditure of ᛒ660.25 BUB.

Now, without any more delay, I would like to call this 4th Parliament of Baustralia open.


2022 speech as read by King John.

The King, having gone a year without reading a Throne Speech, was keen to ensure the speech happened this year, but due to similar circumstances to 2021 which removed the speech from the session, left the speech late by a few months, and was released on 17 October 2022.


Opening Speech To The House of Commons of Baustralia

My loyal and exemplary Parliament,

The State Opening of Parliament is a symbolic reminder of our democratic system of government. While only in its sixth year of existence, our parliament builds upon the centuries-old traditions of the Westminster system, a parliamentary form of government that has endured for centuries.

While initially favouring nobles and wealthy elites, this system has given way to some of the most democratic nations known today. Baustralia has endeavored to build upon this foundation, nurturing the development of our democratic way of life to ensure our people are adequately represented in the heart of our nation’s politics.

For many years, this has been difficult to accomplish. Patchwork communication apparatuses have limited communication and efficiency throughout all branches of the government, affecting Baustralia’s democratic development. Our fair nation has been divided more by communication preferences than by partisan politics.

It will be my government’s responsibility to address this challenge by developing a single, unified approach to communication for MPs and citizens alike. Important to democracy, too, is transparency. A government cannot function if its people are kept in the shadows of important political developments.

While national security is important to any nation’s well-being, it must be counteracted with responsiveness to the general public. To that end, my government will work to declassify covert actions undertaken by current and former political figures in Baustralia, myself included, for the benefit of the Baustralian people.

Speaking of which, I will implement reforms to the bestowal of titles and arms in Baustralia. Henceforth, succession for future grants of nobility will be regulated by absolute, rather than male-preference, primogeniture. This will not apply to grants made on or before today. My government will work to extend this principle of absolute primogeniture to the throne, which may be inherited by my legitimate descendants, regardless of sex or gender, per relevant legislation passed by Parliament. My government will look to extend this principle of gender equality to grants of arms, and to encourage the College of Arms to promote equality in the dispensation of heraldic achievements.

Concerning foreign affairs, my government will work to promote stable ties without neighbors and inter-micronational organizations. These initiatives will elevate Baustralia’s status as a reputable and stable micronation other powers can depend upon.

ᛒ200 have been allocated to accomplish the above initiatives. However, my government will accomplish the above using none of the boercs allotted. Thus, my government’s total expenditure will amount to ᛒ0.

Now, without further delay, I hereby declare this 6th Parliament of Baustralia open.

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