Austrovian Empire

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Austrovian Empire
New Austrovia Flag.png
Coats of Arms

Let us Prevail!
Ode to Joy
New Austrovia Map.png
Blue: States that contain Austrovian Territory
Red: Territory Claims and Location
Capital city Madrigal, Etiwanda
Largest city Madrigal
Official language(s) English and German
Official religion(s)

Christianity: 66%
No Religon: 16%
Judaism: 15%

Other Religons: 3%
Short name Austrovia
Demonym Austrovian
Government Provisional Government under an Absolute Monarchy
- Monarch Andrew I
- Reich Chancellor Vacant
- Vice Chancellor Vacant
Legislature Imperial Provisional Government
- Upper House None
- Lower House None
Established August 23rd, 2017 (as the Federation of California)
Population 59 (as of May 2018 census)
Currency US Dollar
Time zone PTZ
National sport Baseball (unofficial)
National animal Austrian Eagle
This nation is apart of the Austrovian Association of States and the Etiwanda Union.

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The Austrovian Empire, Austrovia, or officially, The Empire of Austrovia is a micronation founded on August 23, 2017 as the Federation of California. It was founded after the unification of the United Kingdom of America, Effards Federal Republic, and the Kingdom of Rylandia. The union was officially called Austrovia after a referendum changed the name. Austrovia was previously known as the "Federal Republic of Austrovia", but after the government changed, it has been known as the Austrovian Empire.

Austrovia was a Constitutional Monarchy, with a hereditary head of state and an elected head of government, but after an attempt by the former Reich Chancellor Anthony Easton to transform the country into a socialist republic, the Empire has been under a provisional government led by the monarch, making it a de facto absolute monarchy. Before its dissolution, the Reichstag was the national legislature comprised of elected officials, but since July 31st, 2019, the Imperial Provisional Government has been the nations sole legislature.

Austrovia is made up by seven states, Hydraria, Marymac, Effards-Rylandia, New California, Etiwanda, Pinewood, and Pretoria, and one royal province, Wexington. All states are located in the U.S state of California, with one being located in the north, while the others located in the south. The Royal Province of Wexington is located in the U.S state of South Carolina, being the only territory located outside of California. Six out of the Seven states are original states, with Pretoria being the only state that is not an original one. All states (excluding Pretoria) have been previously apart of one of the many successor states of Austrovia, like New Pugnasia and Tyferria.



Austrovia is one of the many predecessors of the Federation of Pugnasia. The Federation of Pugnasia was a federal republic, which united the “Etiwanda Micronational Sector”, or ETM. It was considered the first micronation of the ETM. Pugnasia was founded by Andy Irons and Tyrone Lee, after watching a video about the Republic of Molossia. Pugnasia experienced a time of peace until the 1st Election. Tyrone was seeking reelection as a member of the newly founded Democratic-Republican Party, and Andy, who was his Prime Minister, was seeking the Presidency as a Royalist. The election was close, but Tyrone won by only a few votes. This caused a Royalist outrage. Royalist leaders, including Irons, planned to overthrow the Democratic-Republican government, but their plan was revealed by a spy, which prompted Tyrone to fire Andy. With their plans already complete, the Royalists declared war upon the government, starting the Great Pugnasian Civil War.

The Great Pugnasian Civil War

The war started with the Royalist invasion of the capital city, Dirigeville, which will be later known as Madrigal, which is the current capital of the Empire. The Royalist forces were lead by General Gabe Griffins, who was the Former Secretary of War for Tyrone. Although the Royalists had outnumbered the Democratic-Republicans, they still failed to secure the capital. The battle was considered the first and only major Democratic-Republican victory. Eventually, right after the victory, the Democratic-Republicans lost the “town” of Cerium, which would give the Royalists an advantage for their future second invasion of Dirigeville. The lose of Cerium lowered morale for Democratic-Republican troops. The Second Battle of Dirigeville was the biggest battle in the war. Almost all the citizens on both sides were involved. The battle lasted a few days, with fighting decreasing each day. On November 19, 2015 a truce was signed. Called the Treaty of Dirigeville, it split Pugnasia into West and East, with the West being controlled by the Royalists and the East being controlled by the Democratic-Republicans.

Unified Californian Empire

After the East was annexed by the West after Tyrone left micronationalism, Andy created the Unified Californian Empire. The Unified Californian Empire was very inactive. Andy was basically everything, from Secretary of Foreign Affairs to Emperor. After the first Prime Minister Election, he decided that the UCE would never be as active as Pugnasia. In July 2016, he officially dissolved the Empire, forcing its states to become independent countries. What followed was a period of confession as small states had no idea what to do. This period lasted until most of the nations dissolved.

New Pugnasia

After a break, Andy along with Tyrone Lee, who returned to micronationalism as the Supreme Leader of Pugnavia, and Josef Hernandez, created the Greater Federation of New Pugnasia. New Pugnasia was a federal republic, just like the Old Pugnasia. Immediately following its creation, Andy and Tyrone drafted a constitution. The constitution created new rules, which all citizens must follow, which the Old Pugnasia did not have. Like the Old Pugnasia, following its creation, an election was declared. The election saw Josef Hernandez and Andy Irons of the Preservation Party win against Sophie Lazalde and Robert Borja of the Conservative-Liberal Alliance. Josef was the only President, since a month later he declared himself Emperor, with Andy becoming his Chancellor.

New Pugnasia enjoyed a time of activity, with all citizens usually attending Assembly meetings, and participating in many government-sponsored activities. The first sign of inactivity was when three members of the assembly did not show up to a meeting. Soon, more and more members started to not show up. By April 2017, only five members of the assembly showed up to the monthly meeting. This prompted the Andy to disband the assembly and declare a state of emergency. Since the Emperor was removed from the throne, Andy declared himself Counselor to the Empire, becoming Regent. This resulted in the Lawson Insurgency, which was a rebellion trying to restore the republic and put the dethroned Emperor as President. The war was won on May 2017.

Realizing the end of New Pugnasia, Andy began encouraging active citizens to follow him as he created a new nation. Later that month, Andy officially dissolved New Pugnasia and lead the active citizens as President of the newly founded nation of Tyferria. Tyferria did not last as long as New Pugnasia since most citizens no longer cared about micronationalism. It officially dissolved a month after New Pugnasia.

New America

The United Kingdom of America was created by Reginald Smith on July 4, 2017. He was inspired by New and Old Pugnasia, and how well their governments worked. Since New America had a small population at the time, King Reginald offered the spot of Prime Minister to Andy, which he gladly accepted. Unlike The UCE and Tyferria, New America had a functioning government. New America lasted a month before officially dissolving. Unlike all of its predecessors, New America did not end due to inactivity. New America instead united with other Etiwanda Micronational Sector nations to form the Federation of California.

New America was later revived by Reginald on April 24, 2018 and is again an active micronation. Josef Hernandez, who was the former Minister of the Department of Commerce, was appointed Prime Minister.

California to Austrovia

The Federation of California was surprisingly more active than New America. This is partly due to a new school year beginning. California's legislature, the Congress of California, was almost as active as New Pugnasia. the Federation was seen as the revival of micronationalism in Etiwanda since Effards and Rylandia was revived and more people began joining the Federation. Before being renamed, the Federation had almost twenty citizens. Because of the success, a referendum was held and California was renamed to Austrovia.

Republic to Empire

The calls for monarchism began to grow in the States of Hydraria and Effards-Rylandia. This was because of most of the people in those states where supporters of the monarchy of New Pugnasia and New America. This call grew louder as both of those states tried to change their governments to monarchies, but was denied by the Federal Government. Polling during this time showed that 45% of the people wished for a monarchy. This prompted then-President Irons to declare himself Andy and later Andrew I of the Austrovian Empire. His declaration gained the support of the Federal Government, which was renamed to the Reichstag. Andrew would not be coronated until January 2018.


Austrovia is a Provisional Government under an Absolute Monarchy. Previously a Constitutional Monarchy, but after the attempt to make Austrovia a socialist republic, the Emperor has assumed complete executive power over the nation.


The Monarch, either Emperor or Empress, is the unelected and hereditary head of state and the leader of the Council of State. The Monarch has limited power but must give consent to every law passed by both houses. The Monarch is also the national figurehead for both the public and military. The current Monarch is Andrew I, who became Emperor on October 4, 2017 but was coronated on January 20, 2018. He was previously the Federal President of Austrovia before the creation of the monarchy. He was also previously the Prime Minister of New America, Chancellor of New Pugnasia, and Emperor of the Unified Californian Empire. Legally, the Monarchy is a successor to the New Pugnasian Monarchy, although current members of the Imperial Family has no relation to it.

According to the Austrovian Constitution of 2017, When the Monarch abdicates, dies, or is on leave for a certain amount of days, his/her son becomes Regent. If the Monarch has no direct descendants, then the oldest sibling of the monarch becomes Regent. If the monarch died or abdicated, the Regent will be coronated Emperor or Empress. If the monarch is on leave for a certain amount of days, the Regent assumes all the roles of the monarch until he/she returns. Currently, no Regent has assumed Imperial powers.

On June 18th, 2019, The Reich Chancellor at the time, Anthony Easton attempted to abolish the monarchy and form a socialist republic without the approval of the populace. Easton was promptly removed from office by Emperor and the Reichstag was officially dissolved. Immediately afterward, the Emperor assumed total executive control of the Empire, making it a de facto Absolute Monarchy.

Reich Chancellor

The Reich Chancellor (as mention earlier) is the head of government and the de facto leader of the nation. The Reich Chancellor acts as an executive elected official and was previously the last say on laws passed before the creation of the Council of State. Before Austrovia's transition into a monarchy, the Reich Chancellor was called the Federal President of Austrovia. The Federal President was the head of state of the old republic.

The Reich Chancellor, as stated in the Austrovian Constitution of 2017, acts as an overseer to the Reichstag, which is the legislative body of the Empire. Although the constitution states that the Reich Chancellor is the speaker of the Reichstag, the Reichstag Members still elect a Speaker, which actually oversees the meetings. The Reich Chancellor must always attend Reichstag meetings and must act as a moderator. The Reich Chancellor can also pass bills that they seem fit to become law but must have the monarch's consent. The Reich Chancellor can also be fired or impeached for not doing their job properly.

As of June 18th, 2019, the Office of the Reich Chancellor has been dissolved after the attempt of former Reich Chancellor Anthony Easton to make the nation into a socialist republic.

Council of State

The Council of State is the unelected and 'proposal accepter' upper house of Reichsgesetzgebung. The Council of State is made up of State Monarchs and Nobles, who are appointed by the Emperor. The Council acts as an upper house, voting on proposals that have been passed by the Reichstag. This is why the Council is called the 'proposal accepter' since the Council has the final say on any law passed by the Reichstag. This has caused controversy since the unelected members of the Council make the final decision on laws passed. The Council of State was founded on May 13, 2018 by a decree passed by the Emperor. On June 18th, 2019, the Council of State was dissolved.

The Reichstag

The Reichstag is the lower house and legislative body of Reichsgesetzgebung. Previously known as the Congress, The Reichstag is made up of elected members, which serve their state. These members are elected every two months and are elected by the people of their respected state. Each Reichstag Member votes on bills proposed by fellow members. A Reichstag member can be fired or replaced if they do not follow the Reichstag Rules, which are outlined in the Austrovian Constitution of 2017. Currently, Thirty members make up the Reichstag. Reichstag Seats can be added or subtract only if two-thirds of members agree. This has happened a few times due to the population growth of the nation.

The Reichstag was created after the dissolution of the Congress of Austrovia. Previously, Congress acted as a judicial and legislative branch of government. It also limited executive power and was very outdated statistics wise and was a burden to update. The Reichstag also considers itself a successor to the New Pugnasian General Assembly and (until April 2018) New American Parliament. On June 18th, 2019, the Reichstag was dissolved after months of inactivity.


The Austrovian Government has five ministries:

  • Ministry of State
  • Ministry of Foreign Relations
  • Ministry of Information
  • Ministry of Minority Relations
  • Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of State deals with all internal problems, ranging from state disputes to rebellions. The Ministry of Foreign Relations deals with external problems, such as international crises, and establishes foreign relations. The Ministry of Information handles all census reports and registration. The Ministry of Minority Relations helps minorities excel in the Empire and ensures their fair treatment. The Ministry of Justice deals with any judicial problem along with the Supreme Court. All ministries have a minister as their leader and are represented in the Reich Chancellor's cabinet.

Foreign relations


The Austrovian Empire is apart of the following organizations:


No macronatinal entity has yet to recognize the Empire.


The Austrovian Armed Forces, founded on August 23, 2017 as the Californian Armed Forces, is the military of the Empire. The Austrovian Armed Forces are divided into three branches, the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The Army, which consists of nine members, is the land force of the Armed Forces. The Army was founded and is still lead by General Gabe Griffins, who served as a Field Marshal in the New Pugnasian Army. Currently, there is no mandatory weapon, so soldiers have the freedom to choose their own weapons. The Navy, which consists of four members, is the seafaring force of the Armed Forces. The Navy was founded and is still led by H.I.M Emperor Andrew I, who has been a Grand Admiral off all the micronations he's founded or co-founded. The Navy currently has two river rafts, which serves as the two warships of the Navy. These 'warships' served all of Austrovia's successors, like New Pugnasia and New America. The Air Force, which consists of only one member, is the air force of the Armed Forces. The Air Force was founded by H.I.M Emperor Andrew I, but is lead by H.M Emperor Father George Irons Jr. The Air Force currently has only one drone, which can conduct aerial reconnaissance. The drone, known as Viper One, also serves as an expedition drone, which is usually tasked to scout out unknown terrain. Viper One has conducted one mission, which was to scout out new nonliving for the Empire.

Special Forces

The Austrovian Elite Special Forces, or AESF, is the main special forces unit. Created on November 20 of 2017, Special Forces consist of specially picked soldiers whose job is to accomplish tasks that may seem harder for regular soldiers. These Special Forces Soldiers are usually hand-picked or recommended to the Emperor. Special Forces have never been used in combat, but almost conducted a mission to Etiwanda after learning that Josef Hernandez was returning to Austrovia. Josef was previously charged with terrorism but was later found not guilty and was allowed to return to Austrovia. Special Forces was going to detain him, but they were stopped by the Reichstag.


As of 2017, there are only 2 registered news outlets. The Austrovian Observer is considered the "most reliable source of Austrovian news." The Austrovian Observer was founded on July 4 as the New American Gazette and was politically neutral. The Independent Gazette was the last news outlet in Austrovia. The Independent Gazette was founded a day after the Observer and was inactive when the Austrovian News Network was founded.

In February 2018, The Austrovian Observer united with other news agencies to form the Austrovian News Network. The ANN, as it is abbreviated, is a union of all news agency in the Empire. Currently, five news agencies work with the ANN: The Austrovian Observer, The Royal Announcer,which publishes announcements made by the Monarch, The Austrovian Conservative, which is a conservative leaning news agency, The Liberal Forum, a liberal leaning news agency, and the Hydrarian News Agency.


Name Flag Location Map Legislature Governor Monarch
Hydraria HydrarianFlag.png Rancho Cucamonga Sbc.svg Hydrarian Reichstag George Irons II (Non Partisian) Andrew I
Effards-Rylandia Effards-rylandianflag.png Rancho Cucamonga Sbc.svg Unity Parliament Travis II Travis II
Etiwanda EtiwandaFlag.png Etiwanda Sbc.svg Etiwanda Senate Natalia Zapata (NDPP) Delaney I
Marymac Marymacflag.png Fontana Sbc.svg Parliament Diego Drake (Christian Democrat) Daisy I
Pretoria PretoriaFlag.png Rancho Cucamonga Sbc.svg Pretorian Assembly Hannah Garcia (NDPP) Andrew I
New California NewCaliforniaFlag.png Etiwanda Sbc.svg Reichstag Jonathan Ly (Citizen's Party) Andrew I
Pinewood PinewoodFlag.png San Francisco SanFranciscoCounty.png Reichstag Ethan IV Ethan IV
Royal Protectorates
Wexington WexingtonFlag.png Ridgeland JasperCounty.png Reichstag Marcus Charles (Independent Monarchist) Andrew I