House of Representatives (Austrovia)

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Austrovian House of Representatives
2nd Imperial Diet
Lower House
Term limits
6 months
FoundedSeptember 5th, 2019
Hannah Garcia, Liberal
since October 1st, 2019
Leader of the Opposition
Political groups
His Majesty's Government (8):
  •   Liberal (9)

His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (7)

Last election
April 1st, 2020
Next election
August 29th, 2020
Building a better tomorrow
Meeting place

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The House of Representatives, sometimes referred to as the House, is the lower house of the Imperial Diet of Austrovia. The House consists of 16 members, two from each state, that are elected every six months. Currently, the House has a nine Liberal representatives and seven Conservative representatives.


Representative Party State
Gabe Griffins Conservative Hydraria
Zach Peller Conservative Hydraria
Brandon Gray-Thompson Liberal Etiwanda
Jordan Mann Liberal Etiwanda
Hannah Garcia Liberal Pretoria
Allison Hernandez Liberal Pretoria
Miguel Julio Liberal Effards-Rylandia
Ryan Lee Conservative Effards-Rylandia
Shane James Liberal Pinewood
Ethan James Conservative Pinewood
Johnathan Ly Liberal New California
Silvia Garcia Liberal New California
Marcus Charles Conservative Wexington
Anthony Charles Liberal Wexington
Diego Drake Conservative Marymac
Emily Drake Conservative Marymac

Tori Ren was previously apart of the 2nd Imperial Diet, but would resign due to inactivity. Her predecessor, Shane James, was appointed by the House to complete Ren's term.

Laws Passed


  • Imperial Diet Proceedings Act (10/19/19)
  • Imperial Diet Inactivity Act (10/20/19)
  • Imperial Holidays Act (11/12/19)


  • Solidarity with the People of Hong Kong Act (1/16/20)
  • Ratification of the treaty to establish relations with the Democratic Republic of Esperanta (1/16/20)
  • Condemnation of the Chinese Government and its handling of the Coronavirus Act (2/1/20)
  • National Emergency Act (3/1/20)
  • Poseponment of the March 16th 2020 Election Act (3/14/20)
  • National Lockdown Act (3/25/20)
  • Partial Re-Opening Act (4/25/20)
  • Healthcare Workers' Appreciation Day (5/2/20)
  • Nicholas Randouler Mourning Act (6/8/20)
  • Condemnation of International Racial Injustice Act (6/10/20)