Timonocitian Classification System

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The Timonocitian Classification System classifies motion pictures, movies, real-life plays, music, video games and television shows into categories.

Name For Notes
BS Baby Shows For babies (0-4)
PBS Post-Baby Shows For children aged 3–5
LKS Little Kids Shows For children aged 5–8
PMS Pre-Mature Shows For children aged 7–9
YAS Young Adult Shows For adults 10-14
ALS Adolescent Shows For adults 13-17
PAS Post-Adolescent Shows For adults 17-22
MAS Middle-adult Shows For adults 23-64
PMS Post-middle Shows For adults in their 60s
EAS Elderly Adult Shows For adults 70+
GN-10 Grown-up Needed until age 10 Grown-up needed to watch movie
Not aged based
EBS Everybody's Shows For all people
HRM Horror Movies Horror movies
SFM Science-fiction Movies Science Fiction movies
DMY Documentary Documentaries
FSM Fantasy Movies Fantasy movies
RFM Realistic-fiction Movies Realistic fiction movies
CST Crime Scene Television Crime shows
HBM History-Based Movies History-like or History-Based movies
PGM Pre-Grownup Movies Kids movies
CAM Calm Music Calm music
CRM Crazy Music Crazy music. Prohibited.
GVG Good Video Games Good video games
BVG Bad Video Games Bad Video Games. Not recommended to play.
EBVG Extremely Bad Video Games Extremely bad video games. Prohibited.
GO Girls Only Things designed for girls
BO Boys Only Things designed for boys
LO LGBT Only Things designed for LGBT members
RPS Royal or Politics Shows Politics shows
YNS Young News Shows News shows for the young
ANS Adolescent News Shows News shows for adolescents
ONS Older News Shows Normal news shows
RGS Royal and Government-only Shows Shows meant for only royals and government workers
ROS Royal-only Shows Shows made entirely for royalty
ERS Everybody-but-royalty Shows Shows made for people who are not royalty. Rare.
AOS Army-only Shows Shows made for army officers and royalty.
FGS Foreign Good Shows Good foreign-made shows
IMS Indian-made Shows Shows produced in India
FBS Foreign Bad Shows Bad foreign-made shows. Not recommended to watch.
DWS Don't Watch Shows Shows prohibited to watch entirely.
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