Socialist Unity Party (Sunda Raya)

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Socialist Unity Party
Founded 31 January 2016
Headquarters Kota Bandung Raya, Sunda Raya
Newspaper Suara Rakyat
people's voice
Membership  (2016) 5
Ideology Socialism (official)
Official colours Red

The Socialist Unity Party, also known as Partai Persatuan Sosialis (PPS), was a major governing political party in the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. It formed Workers' Power Coalition with other smaller working class and peasants parties across Sunda Raya. The PPS was currently the largest political party in Sunda Raya with up to 5 members and cadres.


The Socialist Unity Party was founded on 31 January 2016 at the closing of the last national congress of the PKP. The congress agreed to merge the PKP with other leftist parties in the United People's Front forming a new working class party. The founding of the Socialist Unity Party was a part of the "New Way" politics in Sunda Raya