OAM election, March 2010

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March 2010 OAM Secretary-General Election
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Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
March 2010
Candidate James Skinner Mark Meehan Joe Foxon Bradley of Dullahan
Micronation Prometheus Nemkhavia Barrington Wyvern
Popular Vote (%) 22% 38% 25% 14%
Count 19 32 21 12

Following the announcement by Sir. Gordon Freeman that he would not be running for the next election due to internal matters in A1, the second ever elections in the Organisation of Active Micronations, began on 11th March 2010 and polling booths closed on 15th March 2010.


The elections are conducted by the OAMEC (Organisation of Active Micronations Election Committee), which is made up of a maximum of three volunteer member nations who are not running candidates in the elections, to ensure that no electoral tampering takes place.

Voting Format

The type of voting used is known as 'ranked pairs' voting.

March 2010 OAMEC Committee Members


Sir. Mark Meehan of Nemkhavia was voted into the position with 38% of the vote.