OAM election, November 2010

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November 2010 OAM Election
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Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
November 2010
Candidate Sebastian Linden Bradley of Dullahan Tom Turner HM King Anthony James von Puchow ~ ~
Micronation Eleytheria Wyvern Rukora Zealandia Landashir ~ ~
Opinion Poll (%) 33% 19% 28% 4% 14% ~ ~
Popular Vote (%) 16% 17% 26% 16% 23% ~ ~
Count 62 67 99 62 90 ~ ~
Vice Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
November 2010
Candidate Gordon Freeman Petya d'Égtavie Parker I Joe Foxon HIM Tsar Kuri I James von Puchow King Anthony
Micronation FRA1 Egtavia Secundomia Wyke Gishabrun Landashir Zealandia
Opinion Poll (%) 38% 23% 7% 5% 10% 10% 5%
Popular Vote (%) 22% 16% 10% 12% 11% 15% 11%
Count 181 130 86 98 92 120 91
OAMIAO Secretary of the Organisation of Active Micronations
November 2010
Candidate Alexander Reinhardt King Anthony ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Micronation St.Charlie Zealandia ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Opinion Poll (%) 80% 19% ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Popular Vote (%) 81% 18% ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Count 31 7 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Campaign poster for HIM Tsar Kuri I's campaign for Vice Secretary-General

These elections are the first in the OAM's history to follow the 'normal' time limit of four months without the need to bring elections forward or push them back, as in previous ones.

Voting system

The same voting system as in the past is being used, this being 'ranked pairs' voting, conducted on ballotbin.com.

Pre-election polls

In early November, opinion polls were conducted to estimate the potential results of the upcoming election. These polls did not accurately determine the results of the election.

For Secretary General Sebastian Linden of Eleytheria lead the polls, with 33% supporting. He was trailed by Tom Turner of Rukora, the ultimate winner, who received 28% of the votes in the poll. Wyvernian Bradley of Dullahan and Landashirn James von Puchow trailed close behind with 19% and 14% of the votes respectively. HM King Anthony of Zealandia was lowest rated in the polls with 4%.

For vice-secretary the polls were dominated by FRA1 candidate Gordon Freeman (38%) and Egtavian Petya d'Egtavie (28%). Gishabruni Tsar Kuri I and Landashirn James von Puchow polled poorly with 10% each. Parker I of Secundomia fared even worse, with only 7%. However, Rukoran Joe Foxon and and Zealandian King Anthony brought up the rear with 5%.

For OAMIAO Secretary, St. Charlian Alexander Reinhardt dominated polls with 80% supporting. His only opposition, Zealandian King Anthony trailed with only 19%.


For Secretary General Tom Turner actually lost power compared to the polls, however he was able to achieve victory as a result of the further decline of other candidates. He won the election with 99 (26%) votes. James von Puchow surged compared to his poll results and acheived 23% of the votes, with 90. Support for King Anthony also rallied, but the 62 votes he received were not enough to challenge from the election. Sebastian Linden, who led the pre-election polls, lost a vast amount of support and only received 62 votes. Bradley of Dullahan also lost a smaller amount of support, finishing with 67 votes.

For Vice-Secretary the vote was dominated by Gordon Freeman and Petya d'Egtavie. The candidates received 181 and 130 votes respectively, enough to put both of them into office. James von Puchow of Landashir came close to receiving a seat, with 120 votes. Joe Foxon and King Anthony rallied from far down in the polls, to get 98 and 91 votes respectively. Tsar Kuri of Gishabrun received 91 votes and Parker I of Secundomia received 86.

For OAMIAO Secretary Alexander Reinhardt continued his dominance foreshadowed by the polls. He received 31 (81%) of the votes, while Anthony received 7.