OAM election, July 2010

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July 2010 OAM Election
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Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
July 2010
Candidate Gordon Freeman Tim Romano Kyng Fyrst ~ ~ ~
Micronation MGPRA1 Deltan Imperium Slinky Empyre ~ ~ ~
Popular Vote (%) 53% 13% 33% ~ ~ ~
Count 34 11 27 ~ ~ ~
Vice Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
July 2010
Candidate James Wilary Bradley of Dullahan Tom Turner Ryan St. George Alexander Reinhardt Kyng Fyrst
Micronation PrSR Wyvern Rukora People's Proper Republic of Wellington St.Charlie Slinky Empyre
Popular Vote (%) 16% 15% 12% 12% 23% 17%
Count 73 71 56 56 103 78
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Following the resignation by Secretary-General at the time, Petya d'Égtavie, along with four other micronations (Erusia, Sandus, Bokonton & Nemkhavia), Sir. Gordon Freeman took over as Acting Secretary-General to organise new elections.

Voting system

The same voting system as in the past is being used, this being 'ranked pairs' voting.

OAMEC Members


Gordon Freeman of the MGPRA1 was elected as Secretary-General with 53% of the vote, and Alexander Reinhardt of St.Charlie elected as Vice Secretary-General with 23% of the vote. Kyng Fyrst of the Slinky Empyre is now in line to become the second Vice Secretary-General alongside Reinhardt.

The election also had the highest-ever participation rating in the OAM's history to date, with 29 member nations casting their voluntary vote.

OAMIAO Election

July 2010 OAM Election
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Secretary of the OAMIAO
July 2010
Candidate Bjorn Olsen Bradley of Dullahan
Micronation Victoria Wyvern
Popular Vote (%) 62% 37%
Count 15 9

Following the passing of the reform resolution, the OAMIAO Secretary, the only Secretary in the OAM to be elected, was required to be elected to the position. Voting opened on 20 July 2010, and closed on 26 July 2010.

Dr. Bjorn Olsen of the Kingdom of Victoria was elected as the first OAMIAO Secretary.