OAM election, January 2010

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January 2010 OAM Secretary-General Election
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Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
January 2010
Candidate Gordon Freeman Duke Bradley Mark Dresner Petya d'Égtavie
Micronation A1 Wyvern Pristinia Egtavia
Popular Vote (%) 40% 13% 20% 26%
Count 24 8 12 16

Following the passing of Resolution No. 010 in The Council, the first ever elections in the Organisation of Active Micronations, began on 21st January 2010 and polling booths closed on 28th January 2010.


Since registrations opened for applications to run in the elections on 1st January 2010, four representatives of member nations have applied to run for the position of Secretary-General. Applications closed on the 14th January.

The elections are conducted by the OAMEC (Organisation of Active Micronations Election Committee), which is made up of three volunteer member nations who are not running candidates in the elections, to ensure that no electoral tampering takes place.

The type of voting being used is known as 'ranked pairs' voting.

Election campaigns

Wyvern (Duke Bradley)

The Wyvern candidate is running mainly on an OAM reform platform. Some of the related policies are:

  • Expelling all inactive members (forums, website)
  • Expanding membership over the micronational world
  • Direct alliance with all members
  • More positions to assist the Secretary-General (Foreign Affairs of the Union, Vice Secretary-General, Union Affairs)

A1 (Gordon Freeman)

Gordon Freeman, the incumbent Secretary-General, is running mainly on the further or continued implementation of current OAM policies. Some of the related policies are:

  • Ensuring that unnecessary bureacracy does not enter into the OAM
  • Ensuring member nations' right to absolute freedom of speech
  • Further enforcement of activity clauses within the OAM Charter
  • No over burdening of member nations

Pristinia (Mark Dresner)

Comrade Dresner did not made a formal campaign address. The only announced policies being:

  • Cutting all ties with the GUM
  • Not allowing dual membership of the GUM and OAM

Egtavia (Petya d'Égtavie)

President d'Egtavie also has not made a formal campaign address, and no policies are known to have been announced. However it may be assumed that d'Egtavie will strive to improve ties with the GUM, since Egtavia is itself a GUM member.


Incumbent Secretary-General, Sir. Gordon Freeman, won the election with 40% of the vote.