OAM Internal Affairs Office

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OAM Internal Affairs Office
Acronyms OAMIAO
Secretary Aldrich Lucas
Status Active
Established July 13, 2010
Website Not applicable
Notes None

The OAMIAO is the one of the three major agencies in the Organisation of Active Micronations, dealing with internal matters of the OAM that require an independent umpire. The Secretary of the OAMIAO also serves as a Vice Secretary-General and is elected by The Council.


The OAMIAO is tasked by Resolution 70, passed by the OAM in July 2010, to:

  • Preventing corruption, bribery and other undesirable activities within the Organisation
  • Running OAM elections
  • Monitor member nations’ activity
  • Global online forum moderation

Structure & Staffing

The OAMIAO is headed by a Secretary, Aldrich Lucas. No staff have been appointed to date.

Programmes & Achievements

Activity Monitoring

One of the OAMIAO's main tasks is to monitor the activity of member nations, and to propose resolutions to The Council to this effect.