OAM election, March 2011

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March 2011 OAM Election
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Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
March 2011
Candidate Tom Turner James von Puchow Mark II ~ ~
Micronation Rukora Landashir Freedomia ~ ~
Popular Vote (%) 43% 37% 18% ~ ~
Count 51 44 22 ~ ~
Vice Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
November 2010
Candidate Aldrich Lucas Nicholas Woode-Smith Ciprian Bradley of Dullahan Joe Foxon
Micronation Yabloko Zona Juclandia Wyvern Rukora
Popular Vote (%) 26% 19% 18% 17% 17%
Count 105 76 72 68 69
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These elections are the second in the OAM's history to follow the 'normal' time limit of four months without the need to bring elections forward or push them back, as in previous ones.

Voting system

The same voting system as in the past is being used, this being 'ranked pairs' voting, conducted on ballotbin.com.


Rukoran Tom Turner was re-elected to the position of secretary general, defeating challengers James von Puchow of Landashir and Mark II of Freedomia. Turner received 51 votes, 43% of the total vote. Turner would resign the following month.

In the vice-secretary elections Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko, Nicholas Woode-Smith of Zona and Ciprian of Juclandia were elected with 105, 76, and 72 votes respectively. Bradley of Dullahan, representing Wyvern, was defeated with 68 votes. Joe Foxon of Rukora was not elected with only 69 votes, however, due to being the runner-up candidate, took a vice-secretary-general position shortly after the resignation of Ciprian.