OAM Partnership Assistance Office

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OAM Partnership Assistance Office
Acronyms OAMPAO
Secretary Anthony Fowler
Status Active
Established July 13, 2010
Website http://oam.50.forumer.com/viewforum.php?f=72
Notes None.

The Organisation of Active Micronations Partnership Assistance Office, also known as the OAMPAO, is the agency in the Organisation of Active Micronations tasked with dealing with partnerships concerning OAM member nations. The current Secretary for the OAMPAO is Anthony Fowler, the OAM delegate of Zealandia.


The OAMPAO is tasked by Resolution 70, passed by the OAM in July 2010, for:

  • Providing assistance for any agreement between member nations
  • Supplying of template agreements
  • Providing a neutral party in negotiations
  • Record keeping of all agreements made by or between member nations
  • Publication of all agreements kept in records

The Paternship Assistance Office has drafted a treaty template that can be signed by any two micronations as well as creating a Voluntary Treaty for OAM members as tasked under Resultion 58, passed by the OAM in early June 2010.

Structure & Staffing

The OAMPAO is headed by Secretary Anthony Fowler who was appointed on November 19, 2010 by the Secretariat. No staff have been appointed to date.

Number Name Nation Term start Term end
1st Aldrich Lucas Yabloko 20 July 2010 18 November 2010
2nd Anthony Fowler Zealandia 19 November 2010 Present