OAM Public Affairs Agency

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OAM Public Affairs Agency
Acronyms OAMPAA
Secretary King Adam Smith I
Status Active
Established July 13, 2010
Website Not applicable
Notes None

The OAMPAA was an agency of the Organisation of Active Micronations, dealing with all OAM projects.


The OAMPAA was tasked by Resolution 70, passed by the OAM in July 2010, for:

  • Presenting information about the Organisation to the wider micronational community & public
  • Running the OAM Herald to an acceptable standard under the conditions currently set out in Resolution 13
  • Providing other public affairs services, as requested by The Council or the Secretariat

Structure & Staffing

The OAMPAA was headed by a secretary. Staff recruitment was expected to begin soon after his appointment, and José Cáceres was appointed Deputy Secretary on the 30th August 2011.

Programmes & Achievements

OAM Herald

The OAM Herald, officially established by a resolution in early 2010, was initially given to the now obsolete Projects Committee. However, following the July 2010 reforms, responsibility for the creation and maintaining of the proposed OAM media outlet was handed over to the OAMPAA. The project was never completed.