OAM Recruitment Office

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OAM Recruitment Office
Acronyms OAMRO
Secretary Ben McKinlay
Status Active
Established July 13, 2010
Website Not applicable
Notes None

The OAMRO was an agency of the Organisation of Active Micronations, dealing with all OAM Recruitment and assisting new members in settling in.


The OAMRO was tasked by Resolution 70, passed by the OAM in July 2010, for:

  • Developing, implementing & maintaining recruitment programmes with the aim of increasing membership of the Organisation, following approval from The Council.
  • Receiving membership applications.
  • Submitting membership applications to The Council for deliberation in a period not exceeding three (3) days.
  • Responding to queries by prospective member nations regarding the Organisation in a timely fashion.

Structure & Staffing

The OAMRO was headed by a secretary. There was no secretary from the 29th August until the OAM's dissolution due to no expressions of interest being received.

Number Name Time in Office Notes
1 William Danforth Foundation - 23rd July Appointed due to admin error.
2 James Skinner 23rd July - 14th February
3 Ciprian of Juclandia 14th February - 12th June 2011
4 Archangel 13th June 2011 - 14th July 2011
5 Ben McKinlay 17th July 2011 - 29th August 2011